Step by step: for threads ...

Step by step: for threads ...

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Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Seamstress 1

Measure the height of the door - divide it into five parts and mark with pencil where you will put the shelves.

2 Seamstress 2

MEASURE AND CUT the lis-to-nes of the same length, 6 cm less than the width of the door and sand the edges.

3 Seamstress 3

MARK AND DRILL the points where the sticks for the threads will go. Do it but without drilling completely.

4 Seamstress 4

FIT each assembling stick with the hammer. They must all be at the same distance and height.

5 Seamstress 5

PAINT THE SHELVES and their sticks in the color of the furniture, in this case, in white. Then let dry.

6 Seamstress 6

Glue each shelf along the door, at the same distance, following the marks made before.

7 Seamstress 7

PLACE all wire shelves as you need at different distances for all types of bobbins.

8 Seamstress 8

TAKE ADVANTAGE of the other door, nailing pins that will serve to hang cloth bags to store small parts.

9 Seamstress 9

RESULT a seamstress very well used one door to place threads and the other to organize ribbons, buttons ...


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