The history of this reform will take away your tear

The history of this reform will take away your tear

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Timeless Design

There are crushes in life that have nothing to do with romantic love. You can take on an elegant coat or a succulent recipe, but you can also make it from a house, especially if it has a story as beautiful as the one you are about to know.

Its owner, Ascensión Pérez, has had the detail of sharing with each of the steps of this long reform It began with a crush and the purchase of housing in 2010, and culminated in June last year.

We bought the house at the end of 2010, our first child just born and how the children come with a loaf under the arm, life gave us the opportunity to acquire this home. My husband and I embarked on an authentic adventure, or rather an authentic madness. It was about one centennial house which in 1974 was demolished almost entirely to make it a kind of ground floor villa. However, what we loved most was his previous story.

Timeless Design

It all started with a photo that came to our hands. In the image, dated in 1910, the former owner appeared saying goodbye to his wife and daughters when leaving the house. We were so excited about the idea of ​​creating a home in the same way as a hundred years ago, that we don't think much more.

The worst were the five and a half years it took to get urban planning permits, but as soon as they arrived we started with the project.

The rehabilitation of the main facade was very important for us, since we wanted to rebuild the house that had in the early twentieth century, but giving a small touch of modernity. Therefore, we reproduce the half-pointed doors and iron balconies of the primitive facade without the glazing of the original central balcony, and add the garage door.

For the exterior enclosure, both on the balconies and on the window of the ground floor, we wanted to use iriko wood, in order to transform the facade to the classic and traditional style characteristic of the area.

Timeless Design
After more than two years of rehabilitation, finally, in June of last year we moved to live here, already with three children and ready to create our home.
Timeless Design Timeless Design
The house is contemporary in style, with the simplicity we were looking for from the start.

The kitchen, the living room and the porch are separated, but thanks to the windows we can join them and integrate them perfectly when we need it.

Timeless Design Timeless Design

The ground floor floor also required hard work. For its design, we used marble brought from Macael, which we selected piece by piece until we got the white and subtly veined color that this stone possesses.

Timeless Design

My dedication in this rehabilitation has made me know great artisans of wood, iron, stone, etc. Therefore, except for the furniture in the dining room that belongs to Ángela Bizzarri, everything else was done by local artisans.

Timeless Design Timeless Design
The garden is another fundamental area that we use often. Children really enjoy the spaciousness, the lawn and the pool.
Timeless Design Timeless Design Timeless Design Timeless Design
The iron craftsmen made the design that we present to them of the stair railing, and reproduced the balconies inspired by the primitive house.
Timeless Design Timeless Design
We decided to build three spacious bedrooms because we didn't need more.
Timeless Design

The terrace of our bedroom has wonderful views of the Church of San Sebastian, adjacent to the house.

Timeless Design Timeless Design Timeless Design
Our bathroom was covered in natural stone, combined with a compact of the same tone in the area of ​​the washbasins and with a design that I was clear from the beginning.
Timeless Design

Charo, from Itálica Telas, managed to perfectly make the curtains and curtains of the bedrooms with the simplicity he wanted, but giving them a current and authentic touch, using the linen in children's rooms and including the velvet in the master bedroom.

Timeless Design Timeless Design Tailored mural by Il Mondo di Alex. Timeless Design Timeless Design Timeless Design Timeless Design

The marbleist, Tomás, became deeply involved in the project. Next to him, we rescued from the old house a beautiful Italian marble that was at the entrance, and transformed it into a sink for one of the bathrooms with a simple but current design.

Timeless Design

The painted paper It is another of the elements that I am passionate about and that I did not want to stop including in our house. In the toilet on the ground floor, the floral wallpaper was designed by Lara Costrafreda.

Timeless Design Timeless Design Timeless Design Timeless Design

Project and information: Courtesy of Ascensión Pérez, of Atemporal Design.

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