This Christmas ... Ecological toys!

This Christmas ... Ecological toys!

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There is no better time of the year than Christmas parties to teach them to love nature and the great responsibility we all have to take care of the planet. Our proposal? These ecological toys They will never want to let go. For them!


Advertising - Keep reading below For an always healthy mind Lilliputiens

This stackable toy is ideal for children from 12 months, contributing to improve their fine motor skills.

TO BUY 19,99 € in CuCuToys.

Brum, brum! Lilliputiens

Get on board this food truck driven by a nice rhino willing to hand out muffins Y Croissants all over the house.

TO BUY 24,99 € in CuCuToys.

The whole tribe Lilliputiens

What exciting adventures will await you in the company of this cheerful tribe of Indians?

TO BUY 61 € in Happy Wolf.

Time to build Lilliputiens

To build the future that the planet deserves, of course. The best way to start from small? With these wooden blocks inspired by the jungle.

TO BUY 32 € in Happy Wolf.

Little big duckling LoraLora

Made with organic cotton, ready to punch!

TO BUY 25,95 € in LoraLora.

Wooden rainbow LoraLora

Made with linden wood and perfect to build a lot of different shapes.

TO BUY 24,95 € in LoraLora.

Let's go for a walk I aluped

This wooden puppy moves the tail when walking, so you know, give the leash to the little one, and to walk!

TO BUY 23,50 € in Alupé.

The little Prince Etsy

A little prince handmade with great care. Not a cucada?

TO BUY 53 € on Etsy.


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