Guide for the perfect appetizer

Guide for the perfect appetizer

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Courtesy of Curiosite

I've been listening for a lifetime that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It may be, but for me, the appetizer is more. And I think, if you're reading these lines, it's because we share this gastro hobby. Crispy potatoes, canned deli, spreads, toasts, tartlets, volvanos, banderillas, cheeses ... my mouth is already watering. In addition, I associate having the appetizer with the encounter with friends and the discovery of places where they know how to prepare them. The appetizer is
My weakness - as for others is dessert - and now that we are in summer, I will take advantage of the holidays to explore those of other parts.
The snack away from home. According portal specialized in thematic escapades, "tapas has become such a widespread practice that it is already linked to the indispensable plans when we travel". And they are right to add ... "Who has not thought of going for tapas after visiting the Alhambra in Granada?" Of course, I am planning to return to San Sebastián and its famous Fermín Calbetón street to travel from one place to another and ask for a little cow and the pintxos that tempt me the most.
On the beach… You will think that I talk about the snack at the beach bar or the bag of snacks that you open under the umbrella ... well no! There are snacks deluxe waiting for you in beach clubs that are fashionable, like Nikki Beach from Marbella, Mallorca and Ibiza.
On-line. Connect, choose snacks and send them wherever you want. On the platform, for example, you will find the caterings from your city.

Advertising - Keep reading below Tuna Montaditos

Yes, to the bio appetizers, such as these delicious montaditos of tuna with peppers, from PlenEat, which only works with certified organic products.

Recipes: 12 homemade vegetarian burgers

Original chopsticks for snacks

The design is a good ally to make the appetizer more special. These ants can be placed face up, as in the photo, and face down to mount delicious toasts and canapés on them.
Kikkerland chopsticks, reusable (€ 9/20). Distribute + D2.

Hexagonal pizzas

The shared pizza can also be a snack… Embolao, the new street concept of chef Javier Aranda, is a take away where they prepare them with hexagonal base and a gourmet touch. Pizzas (€ 5.50 each).

Recipes: Appetizers that arrive from Italy

Marching one of olives! Courtesy of Curiosite

Whole, boneless, stuffed with anchovy, pepper, onion, tuna, salmon, almond ... in green, violet, dark brown or black ... Did you know that Spain is the world's first producer of table olives? Surprise everyone with these forks for the king appetizer, shaped like a beer bottle, and with its own box (€ 12.45 in Curiosite).

Recipes: Under the olive trees: recipes with olives

More ice please

Never miss… Perfect for the garden this lamp-bucket, which is backlit with LED; choose one of color to give the touch chill out to the appointment. From Lola Home, in polyethylene; 30 cm in diameter and 38 cm high (€ 74.90).

Divide and conquer

Trays with compartments prevent you from saturating the table with bowls and fountains. Trays, from Lola Home, in porcelain and bamboo, for three and five snacks (€ 20.90 and € 35.90).


Try something different at the time of the appetizer! Like the cocktail Rogue, by bartender Edu Barrios, which includes extra virgin olive oil in its production Premium Mirror Payment (€ 9); at the NH Collection Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid.


With a bouquet like this you decorate the table. Insert fruits, tomatoes ... Skewers Blossom (€ 17.16 / 12 in Animi Cause).

Sushi combo

For fans of Asian food, get a sushi combo ready to eat. You will like the Sushi Daily for its presentation and delicious mix of flavors (€ 39).

Vegetarian appetizers

Lunwerg edits Vegetarian appetizers With more than 60 exquisite proposals of tapas, starters and snacks - many, suitable for vegans - and easy to prepare (€ 15).


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