How to care for hair blankets

How to care for hair blankets

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They are nice, soft touch, warm ... but somewhat delicate. They need special care for the long hair they have. Also, blank, you have to keep them shiny and snowy. We tell you how to take care of them.

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In general, for the care of this type of blankets (as for anyone) it is convenient to air them frequently to avoid dust accumulation. Always keep (or fold) dry. It is best to periodically aerate them, even keep them in the air for a while so that odors go away, and shake them with a rigid object to remove dirt.

Of course, before washing, pay attention to the information on the labels.

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The hair of this type of blankets falls loose. Its composition is very similar to that of wool, so you have to follow similar care. The best known hairs are alpaca, angora, cashmere and camel. But there are also blankets of synthetic hair

For the spots that they may fall, always very gently; Treat them directly with a damp cloth with mild detergent and rinse with the cloth only with water.

To wash a blanket of hair that it no longer has light or has accumulated odors (and always, we insist, taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer's label) it is advisable to use warm water and neutral soap. Do not put it in the washing machine. Wash it by hand better so as not to damage the hair (and without rubbing on the spots, of course without bleach and without dryer). Do not drain by twisting the piece. To dry it, in a horizontal position so that it does not acquire forms. In most cases, you will find that dry cleaning is recommended on the label because of the delicate tissue.

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