We enter the house of Mayte Gálvez, author of the Mytenida blog

We enter the house of Mayte Gálvez, author of the Mytenida blog

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Mayte Gálvez, better known in the blogosphere as Mytenida, -a nickname that refers to his different styles, since "had" is a Chilean term that is equivalent to English outfit- is a influencer with thousands of followers on social networks, enthusiast of the fashion, the nature and the interior design. “I am passionate about art, culture and everything that I capture through my five senses and it gives me a huge sense of well-being,” says Mayte.

Advertising - Keep reading below Mayte Gálvez, author of the fashion blog Mytenida Miriam Yeleq

The creative personality of the digital influencer Mayte Gálvez, author of the Mytenida fashion blog, is present in each and every corner of her home. His ability to mix and the accessories that always accompany him are his hallmarks, both in his outfits as in the decoration; They are responsible for adding charming ethnic touches and Ibizan air. Mayte smiles at us on the porch of her house, among chosen straw hats with which she animated the wall.

An exotic wink Miriam Yeleq

Roofs and walls of hurdle, leafy plants, fresh and natural textiles, ethnic complements, a carved wooden bench ... At the entrance of the house a colonial, evocative and harmonious atmosphere was achieved, which makes you dream of leisure time and relax.

Natura cushions, Decolab Y Sluiz. On the wall, wood wall light, Treedays design.

Jar with flowers Miriam Yeleq

Clothes ethnic furniture with warm textiles; In this case the carved bench was completed with mattresses and cushions to make this corner more comfortable. Vase with flowers, from The Details of Sonia Mompó.

Natural environment Miriam Yeleq

On the porch, thanks to an iron structure and a hurdle roof, a nice corner in the shade, with all the freshness necessary to enjoy pleasant meals and tabletops. The abundant vegetation, as well as the pieces of furniture, were carefully chosen to recreate an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Enjoy outdoors Miriam Yeleq

Rustic wood and fiber supplements emphasize the natural character of this corner; These materials are present on the table, the cookies on the chairs, the ceiling lamp and the roller blinds that screen the light in the glass doors.

Dining table, carpet and ceiling lamp, from Natura. The chairs are from the Casa store.


Miscegenation deco Miriam Yeleq

In the living room, new furniture and accessories were combined with pieces purchased on different trips to Morocco and Bali, such as carpet, cushions or wooden trunk.

Sofa, by Roche Bobois. Coffee table, from Treedays. Cushions with palm print, Decolab. Fiber poufs Alseda, from Ikea. On the wall, oil painting by Juan Zárate.


Decorative elements Miriam Yeleq

On the wall, work Chestnut Woundedor, from Treedays, with a bullet dating from the Civil War housed in the wood.

Pieces with history Miriam Yeleq

Craft designs give interest to selected corners of the house: vases, sculptures and especially the works of Mayte's husband,
Patricio Yarur, who recovers wood and felled trees to turn them into stunning decorative elements.

Center table Miriam Yeleq

If you choose a large coffee table, it should not be too high or have the glass envelope so that it is visually light. When decorating it, do not overfill it: a couple of pretty stacked books, vases with flowers and little else.

Connected environments Miriam Yeleq

Sliding doors, which hide in the partition, separate the dining room from a second living area. Once opened, a large family space is created very cozy.

Table runners, tableware and glassware, from Zara Home. In the vase, artificial floral arrangement of The Details of Sonia Mompó.

Discreet charm Miriam Yeleq

In the dining room, the pieces of furniture from different backgrounds - the table is from Chile and the cupboard from Bali- surprise in a masterful fusion exercise. In addition, charming and personal details contribute to enhance the uniqueness of the decoration.

Household Miriam Yeleq

Cups, boat and napkin ring, from Ikea. Cloths, Texture. On the floor, vinyl carpet Eclectic Grayby Mamut Big Design.

Family kitchen Miriam Yeleq

Furniture and tiles in white, surfaces in natural materials, such as the wooden table, and the vinyl floor, which reproduces a hydraulic mosaic, contribute to creating a warm and homely atmosphere.

Children's territory Miriam Yeleq

Highlights the white lacquered wood bed, which was combined with fiber details, to provide warmth in the children's bedroom. With textiles and accessories, it was possible to make this room a playful scenario full of imagination.

Wooden bed, from Ikea. Quilt and basket, from Zara Home. The star print cushion is textured.

World map Miriam Yeleq

Following the aesthetics of the rest of the house, the private areas reflect the passion of the Mytenida blogger for fashion, nature and other cultures.

World map of Ikea. Quilt and cushions, from Zara Home.

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Work zone Miriam Yeleq

In the master bedroom, the influencer and designer created an inspiring corner with elements that convey creativity, where she has everything she needs and feels comfortable.

Table, necklaces and trunk with photos, from Treedays. Fiber chair, from Olhom. Baskets, from Natura.

Coat rack Miriam Yeleq

Part of its numerous collection of necklaces, organized in a practical coat rack with several knobs.


Flemish Miriam Yeleq

The relationship between fashion and decoration is undoubted. Seen on catwalks, shop windows and on the streets, flamingos have also sneaked into our homes. Ideally, introduce them only in a timely manner. Flamenco by Sluiz.

Bathroom furniture Miriam Yeleq

In the bathroom: furniture and mirror, by Leroy Merlin; Texture towels; accessories, from Zara Home and artificial cacti, from The Details of Sonia Mompó.


Natural perfumes Miriam Yeleq

The lavender flower, in addition to putting a touch of delicacy in the decoration, offers a delicious aroma. Take advantage of it to make simple arrangements with which to aromatize the bathroom.


Garden workshop Miriam Yeleq

Even the workshop of Patricio, Mayte's husband, maintains a peculiar decoration in which tools and pieces of wood are integrated into the environment. Located in the garden, it is also used as a study.

Mix successfully Miriam Yeleq

Natural plastic, metal and wood form this pleasant outdoor corner. The key is to focus attention on a design, in this case, the chairs, by Maisons du Monde. Tables, by Treedays and Fernando Cuétara.

First floor Hearst Infographic

Mayte and her husband, Patricio Yarur, personally took care of the decoration of their home, a true reflection of their style and personality. Both inside and outside, dominates a exotic and ethnic air, with unique pieces, acquired on the couple's travels through inspiring countries, such as Bali or Morocco, and the sculptures of Patricio himself. Furniture, lighting and decorative objects were chosen to create comfortable and familiar environments. "My husband, My children and I ... we are all in tune. We love to involve children in our projects to instill in them our love and respect for nature, ”reveals the blogger.

Low level Hearst Infographic

The rugged landscapes, Formentera, the Mediterranean Sea or the Great Souk of Tangier are some sources of inspiration when designing their styles and accessories, and also to give life and uniqueness to the different environments that make up your home. In this suggestive ethnic atmosphere the handmade pieces Patricio Yarur, founder of the Treedays firm, are perfectly integrated. His works, made with woods Recovered and trees felled by wind or disease, they stand out for the simplicity of their lines, with imperfections, streaks and knots that grant a plus of beauty. Mayte likes to mix, break with different styles. As in their outfits, It has no rules when it comes to combining. In his house we find personal details; furniture, objects and textiles from African and Asian countries, as well as a careful selection of contemporary pieces. The link, a natural and sustainable commitment, with wood and vegetal fibers as star materials of a very authentic interior design.


Boho chic style keys

Free, natural, traveler, bohemian, jipi ... . You will recognize an environment boho chic by the mixture of pieces of different times and styles. It is free and eclectic.

Next to contemporary furniture, You will find furniture, objects and textiles brought from Africa, Asia or South America. Acquisitions with which spaces gain personality.

White tones and neutrals become the perfect background for ethnic fabrics, brushstrokes of intense colors and floral prints.

Naturalness It is another characteristic of this style. The earth tones, green and blue, mark the decoration of these casual environments.

Essential, green and leafy plants scattered around different points of the house.



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