A family room with a playground

A family room with a playground

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This room is the solution for many families with young children. Without having excessive meters, it has been organized so that it has a comfortable seating area and a play corner for the little ones in the house. So everyone can share moments or have a recreational area when the bedrooms are mini.

We must look for elements that define the distribution and organization of space, so that they are responsible for compartmentalizing without saturating or enclosing and delimiting uses. In this case:

1.- Painted paper on the wall. This area details an area intended for use. Here, with a geometric design in strawberry or coral tone, the audiovisual furniture in the living area is framed.

2.- The sofa Mark the passage areas. Located in the middle of the floor, look towards the audiovisual wall. Behind the dining room and next to it the playground.

3.- Dividing element. A shelf without rear in this case that communicates both areas but lets in the light. It also serves as storage space. On one side: a sofa bed to read or rest while the children play with their toys or sit to color on a small table. To the other, the lounge.

To maintain order and that chaos does not take over the entire room, equip the playground with shelves and many boxes or trunks within which to hide the chaos.

In the video we show you how this room is, decorated by Roma & Ro.

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