Anna Álvarez, from Floritismo

Anna Álvarez, from Floritismo

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Anna Alvarez Floritismo owner. This engineer leads a creative floral studio with her own farm, bouquets design, online sales and event decoration. In addition, Anna Álvarez organizes workshops and classes throughout Spain. // María Pazos How was Floritismo born? The idea came up in Panama City, where we moved to work on the Canal. I dreamed of having a flower farm and started researching. When I returned to Barcelona, ​​I started planting flowers in a small plot of my parents and people asked me for the seeds. This is how the store came about on-line, Afterwards we have expanded the services with workshops, decoration and advice Your happiest moment of the day is ... The food. Rubén, my husband, is a great cook and we are lucky to have lunch together every day. After working, I love playing with my two daughters, reading or tearing weeds from the garden. Describe your day to day ... It is always different. Some days are dedicated to training, others to assemblies and many weekends we are traveling. I like the absolute lack of routine Do you have any plans that excite you? The trips. This year I organized three. One of floral inspiration, with my husband, and two others of pleasure to make them with the girls Carol Yepes

What is the secret of your success? We like to show the whole process through social networks, from planting to shipping. It is essential to take care of the selection, our seeds are difficult (or impossible) to get in Spain.

How new will you surprise us? Finally we will have one of our star products: the traveling bouquets, made 100% with our cultivated flowers. We have launched the mini farm courses to grow on your terrace or balcony and we will create a school on-line.

What is the function you enjoy most in Floritismo? To write. It is a challenge to capture the ideas of our work in the blog, the newsletters or in social networks.

What can not be missing in your home? Fresh flowers Nor a garden, patio or terrace. Our chalet represents absolute happiness and we have reformed it to our liking so that all corners are beautiful. The best, without a doubt, are the huge windows of cuarterones with views towards the mountain of Collserolla. I think in beautiful houses one is happier.

A dream to fulfill would be ... My dream? Write a book.


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