Porches decorated with (much) inspiration

Porches decorated with (much) inspiration

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Advertising - Keep reading under Rocking in the fresh PHOTO: ANNIE SCHLECTER

A suspended ceiling swing, a shaker rocking chair and a fan flying over the set Is there a better picture of the movie porch? If the swing is provided with a good mat and cushions, in this case in blue and brown, and plants are added, happiness is served.

Mix well and you will be right! PHOTO: MAX KIN-BEE. STYLING: HEATHER BULLARD.

On this porch the charm lies in the variety: it has been equipped with a rustic wooden table, a classic rattan armchair and a romantic white swing. As a support, a little table in green puts color. Flower plants give joy and grace. The set cannot be more harmonious. Long live the mix & match!


These two elements are enough to fill your terrace with sparkle. In this example, baskets overflowing with flowers and suspended from the ceiling are the original way to beautify the space. The coffee table is a DIY job. It is made with pallet boards cut to size and joined. The envelope is uncristal. And on top, some garlands with light bulbs to give festive air.

Join the tribal style

It is in full fashion and is perfect for decorating outdoor spaces, such as terraces and porches. The road map: rough wood furniture, handmade accessories (stool, lamp, African table on the wall, wicker lanterns) and colorful and fun textiles. A proposal from H&M Home.

Armchairs with cushions

Large sofas and armchairs are perfect for terraces where a lot of family life is made, such as these made of natural fiber with cushions and cushions in pastel colors of La Mallorquina. Add carpets on the floor and… You already have chill out!

Deep blue

The dark blue color, intense and resounding, is the differential note in this summer dining room, by Maisons du Monde. In addition, white enhances it. It has been furnished with a table and set of rustic wooden and metal chairs. The accessories - lamp and glass bottles - also replicate blue, and the closet has been painted in the same tone and then has aged artificially.

Luxury palapa

A wooden structure protected with a thatched roof may be the best refuge. Like the one in this example. The furniture of natural fibers and the white color provide a summer and casual tone. And do not forget jute carpets, to step barefoot and leave you to relax. You find everything in Maisons du Monde.

Ibicenco, Andalusian ... and olé!

Singular furniture, an iron garden bench (in Jayso) and a pickled table with two enea chairs, by Jessica Bataille, put salt and pepper in this shady corner. The brightly colored carpet frames and shines the whole and the paper lanterns add a festive atmosphere.

Folding furniture and geometric patterns

If your terrace is not very large, folding furniture is ideal. And to animate the space without obstructing it, the tribal-style carpets are beautiful and allow you to step on barefoot. De La Redoute.


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