Terraces with pool: Which lining do I choose?

Terraces with pool: Which lining do I choose?

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If you are lucky enough to be thinking of doing a work so that your terrace, garden or patio has a pool, you have to read this article. You may also already have one and want to change its image or renovate the floor for aesthetics and comfort.

We speak on this occasion of three coverings to surround the pool and also cover the floor of the rest of the terrace. At the end of the article you will find a video in which we show you a terrace with pool, surrounded by wooden flooring.

Wood or synthetic wood imitation. Exotic / tropical woods withstand well outdoors and contact with water. They need maintenance but aesthetically they are very warm and comfortable. The synthetic or technological ones do not need any maintenance but you will have a finish similar to natural wood.

Green, green and no need to worry about cutting it. There are them of different qualities. A higher price more similar with a natural grass. It is easily cleaned and with a brush it recovers the initial form.

There are anti-slip parts. Also other microtextured or wavy to avoid falls. Be careful because in direct contact with the sun they take temperature. Porcelain is the most resistant ceramic.

In this video We show you how a wooden cladding has been used to unify the areas of this terrace. It has a living area, dining room and swimming pool, also surrounded by a functional security fence, designed for houses where there are young children.

And now, tell us.

What material do you prefer?


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