Carpets in the dining room: yes or no?

Carpets in the dining room: yes or no?

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Is it appropriate to decorate the dining room table with a carpet? The answer is not simple, and there are a lot of pros and cons.

On the one hand there are those who think that the carpet hinders the movement of the chairs, not to mention how fast it breaks. In addition, the fact of being in a space dedicated to meals means stains and a lot of cleaning.

Photo: Lincoln Barbour

On the other side are those who defend that having a carpet in the dining room adds warmth and texture to the area, apart from protecting the floor from scratches and other damage.

Photo: Annie Schlechter

It is clear that the carpets can give form and functionality to the dining room, but above all, they need to combine with the space and lifestyle of each one. "I think it's a personal choice, not an obligation," says a written opinion in the Houzz forum. "If you have young children it is better to wait, but if not, a carpet is perfect as a base for the table, and also completes the look of the dining room. "

"I don't think it's a necessity. Space, your preferences and your needs should be a priority," says another user. "We have spent years without using carpet in the dining room and we have done well. I love how it looks but it is not practical in our case." Although there seems to be something in which most people agree: "It has to do more with your tastes than with whether it is correct or not."

If you are part of those who are in favor, there are some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing the carpet. Decántate for prints and dark colors, since camouflage spots better, according to Apartment Therapy. Make sure it is strong enough over the years: carpets specifically designed for patios and outdoor spaces are highly recommended. And finally, remember: the bigger, the better. Buy a carpet that is larger than the table and chairs to make the room look proportionate.

Photo: Victoria Pearson

Photo: Victoria Pearson

And if you are one of those on the opposite side, aim. Do not forget to add felt pads to the legs of the chairs, so that you avoid damage and it is easier to move them, advises Kristi Linaeur, from the blog Addicted 2 Decorating. In addition, the set will be much better if you have a piece that stands out in the dining room, be it a striking floor, colorful chairs or an attractive lamp.

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