Home automation: Create a smart home

Home automation: Create a smart home

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Imagine the scene: You are about to leave work and on your mobile or tablet you select different options so that, when you get home, it is at an optimal temperature, the washing machine program is about to end and dinner is almost done. Do you think science fiction? Do you think it is only available to a privileged few? Well, no, home automation has evolved so much that it includes very varied offers and intuitive use that is available to everyone.


Home automation, or set of technologies applied to intelligent control and automation of housing, It allows efficient management of energy use. Thanks to it, you can program lighting, air conditioning, hot water, irrigation, appliances ... Thus, you will make better use of natural resources, use the lowest hourly rates and reduce the energy bill. But home automation also provides greater security through intrusion controls and technical alarms that allow fires, water or gas leaks to be detected in time, or the entry of pockets into your home. Small grains of sand that contribute to improve your quality of life.

Advertising - Read on below Create appropriate environments

Reducing the intensity of light saves energy, doubles the life of the bulbs and creates the atmosphere you want to read, watch TV or have a romantic evening.

Regulate the temperature for hours or days

The chronothermostat allows you to maintain an optimal temperature in your home just by programming it. Always place it at 1.50 m from the ground, away from any source of heat and air flow and in an easily accessible place to program and consult data.

Multifunction Goalkeeper

Make sure who knocks on the door, install a video intercom for the safety of yours and integrate it into the decoration of your home. It should include opening automated doors, video and night vision.
Extel wireless kit, for sale at Leroy Merlin (€ 369).

Protect windows

The installation of awnings and blinds allows to lower the temperature of a house in summer to 9ºC. If they have a sensor, they detect the sun and lower themselves, or motorize them.


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