The style of summer parties you want to copy

The style of summer parties you want to copy

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The long summer days in Southern California are the perfect setting for dream dinners with good friends. The co-founder of One kings lane, Susan Feldman, took advantage of the Los Angeles sun at this dinner worthy of Pinterest. The guest list (for girls only) included big names in design and entertainment like Mary McDonald, Windsor Smith or Nancy Meyers. Here are some tips to recreate this party:

1. Fix the chairs with ribbons

In craft stores they sell these types of ribbons with which to make the chairs more memorable and instagrammable. Use different colors, textures and lengths to create an 'effortless' and eclectic look. They are especially perfect for this type of outdoor parties. The tapes flutter in the wind!

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Happy Friday! 🌸 Dahlias and ribbons by @ onekingslane's @susankfeldman, photo by @sophiedow. #weekendvibes #outdoorliving

A post shared by House Beautiful (@housebeautiful) on Jun 24, 2016 at 2:51 pm PDT

2. Return the favor

A party with farewell gifts? Yes please. Feldman offered a unique gift - light cotton blankets - and something extra to remember: a note. Giving away the blanket was doubly considered on an outdoor evening in which it was cold after sunset. Mine currently covers the back of the sofa. A chic summer house instantly!

3. Use the flowers as a declaration of intent

A beautiful floral arrangement that is super easy: put some of them in glasses and cups - or glasses and glasses of champagne - and spread many others around the center of the table. Dahlias bloom from July to October and you can use them by placing them in containers at different heights. Scatter some tea candles for greater impact.

4. Add some herbs for a simple style

Strongly scented flower arrangements are excessive (sorry, lilies) but hyenas are more than welcome. Our hostess included a small bag with a rope and placed it on top of each place. Almost all the guests picked it up to enjoy the aroma more closely.

5. Make the exterior cozy

Using interior elements such as carpets, sofas and other elements creates an intimate and cozy outdoor dining area. A carpet - inside, outside or even on an unrepaired floor - completes a live painting around the dining table and helps you feel homely.

Buy the accessories of this party and get other tips at OneKingsLane.com
Photos: Kimberly Genevieve / One Kings Lane

Via: House Beautiful US


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