Gastro novelties for bio people

Gastro novelties for bio people

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Advertising - Keep reading under 1 With onion or without onion?

Fans of the tortilla, write down this name: LA BOTIJERÍA

Social networks burn when discussing the ingredients of the national recipe par excellence. In this restaurant, located in Madrid de los Austrias, they prepare it in a thousand ways and, always, with camperos eggs. You have the possibility to ask for it to the point or undercooked. But La Botiería takes another step and offers tortillas with added ingredients as suggestive as cod, Madrid stew, squid in its ink or oxtail. The tavern is perfect for a good tapas -both inside as if they serve it on its wonderful terrace-, well accompanied by the careful selection of its wine cellar. The thirteen references of Rioja wines deserve a separate chapter.

Botiería. Plaza Conde de Barajas, 2. Madrid. Average price per person: 25. Telephone: 913 661 993. //

2 Learn to eat better

Bäia Food, the startup who researches food healthy

This Spanish company, which has an online store, has declared war on the consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners. But it is not the only thing. Its objective is to promote a healthier lifestyle that prevents the onset of diseases. To achieve this, they invest in R&D with the idea of ​​improving the dietary profile of our society and promoting the consumption of organic food.

The offer of its online store focuses on an exclusive selection of foods with high nutritional value, grown in the countries of origin. This guarantees quality and natural properties in products such as acai, chia, coconut or matcha, among others. If you want to know their philosophy better, sign up for their masterclasses They teach to nourish in a healthier way and to include in the daily diet the superfoods The courses include talks given by specialists, showcookings and tasting (€ 50 each).

Baïa Food. //

3 Change the chip

Did you know that Spain is the fourth world exporter of organic products? Visit the BioCultura fair in Seville, from March 22 to 24, and discover foods that can change your lifestyle.

4 No one is bitter about candy

The sweet tooth will be delighted with this cube. Containing? For example, pistachio cream with extra virgin olive oil, chocolate with EVOO, mango jam with cava ... Try, also, its salty proposals. Gourmet cubes (from € 14.70), in La Chinata.

5 Anchovies, from Santoña

Enjoy those of the firm Conservas Doña Tomasa, which also seduces you, with its belly, beautiful, mussels, sardines ... Cans (from € 3.89).

6 Good ways

The position of the cutlery has its own language. When finished eating, place them on the plate, in parallel and with the handles towards you. To order the next one, they are left in the form of a cross. And if the recipe seems excellent, put them in parallel, with the handle to the left. Fork (€ 3.80), knife (€ 4.60) and plates (from € 6.10), by Ib Laursen

7 From the garden to the table

With the arrival of spring we live longer outside doors, and want to add color to our house. You will achieve it with the prints that decorate the signatures with top fabrics, by Nacional Sedera. As the botanical motifs of these tea towels (€ 17 each).

8 eco-friendly spirit

Breathe opens its doors. Own remineralization plant, a circuit with water that takes advantage of the earth's temperature - about 18º - to cool the building in the hottest months and heat it in winter, an organic garden… Breathe is a restaurant planned by and for sustainability. The architect Rodolfo Amieva and the landscape architect Mathieu Lèbre have joined together to create this 1000 m2 paradise, to which Marta del Ganso's interior design and Becara furniture have been added, with recyclable materials. The concept joins them fresh-thinking gastronomy, from chef Simone d'Elia, a culinary style in which healthy food with eco products of km 0 and the motto "from the farm to the table" prevail. The offer is completed with Ground, a cafeteria with gourmet shop -test the
sourdough bread extracted from organic apples-, and the sky bar Air, of bartender Fran Manrique

Breathe: Los Lirios, s / n. Marbella (Málaga). Tel .: 952 036 494.

9 Casual cocktail

Do you plan to have a party? Surely you will succeed with some refreshing fruit skewers. Insert the pieces into these fun sticks decorated with inspirational phrases and flowers (€ 1.17 / 15). Hema's

10 Give it a good cut

Tables are essential to prepare food. These designs - with rope, to hang them - are shaped like a blanket, whale and shark. Acacia wood, measuring between 31 cm and 48 cm. They are from the Batela firm.

11 A coffee?

Always want to make a break morning. Especially, if you take it in this spring coffee game. Collection tableware Modern Greenhouse, Very Very Much (from € 2.99).

12 Cool appetizer

Berliners have fallen before the vermouth. So much so that they have made their own, Belsazar, with four varieties: rosé, red, dry and white (from € 14.42). Health! or Prost!

13 Pure essence

Synchrony It is a collection of red, white and rosé Mallorcan wines -this, in the picture-, of Mesquida Mora. Its creator, Barbara, with only 24 years transformed the family vines into biodynamic crops that respect the balance of the ecosystem. From € 9.50.


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