Decorate your home following the Wabi-Sabi philosophy!

Decorate your home following the Wabi-Sabi philosophy!

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If the term sounds like Chinese, redirect the map to the right, because Wabi-Sabi, roughly, it refers to a Japanese aesthetic stream whose purpose is to appreciate simple and unfinished environments and objects, where the footprint of time is reflected openly. But it doesn't stop there, and that is that the Wabi-Sabi It goes beyond the material to connect directly with the spiritual plane. Sounds good, huh? Well, come with us to see some examples, you sure like them!

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In this loft so chic, the style Wabi-Sabi It can be seen on the aged wooden floor and on the brick walls seen with peeling paint ... Isn't it great?

Pinterest: Anna

A dining room with rustic charm

The table, the stools, the ceramics ... Everything is imperfectly beautiful. How about?

Pinterest: Emily Acton


Seeing this wonder of hall, you can imagine a house in the middle of Morocco ... Exotic and spiritual!

Pinterest: Kings BoxShow


Another dining room that plays with natural wood and gray tones. Do you like the tree with dried branches?

Pinterest: Claudia Ribot

In the bathroom

A natural wood bathroom with stone sink ... If yours is the rustic style, it sure makes you crazy!

Pinterest: Ivana Rosario Mylittlethings

Natural wall

And you thinking about the color to paint the walls ... Well look, the natural, and so beautiful!

Pinterest: Hanneke Gerrits


Sleeping in this room should be a mystical experience ... Do you sign up?

Pinterest: Evitadinamite


Surely this bathtub overlooking the lake inspired the script of some romantic movie! Isn't she beautiful? Although, yes, better in summer ...

Pinterest: Joyce Morse

Full study

Natural ceilings, walls and floors, a proposal only suitable for risky!

Pinterest: Lola Huerta Gay

Vintage spirit

Another example of a natural wall that blends beautifully with aesthetics vintage They give you both suitcases as a bedside table.

Pinterest: Arq Angeles OM


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