A very well mounted terrace

A very well mounted terrace

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Jose Luis Hausmann

Conditioning a terrace is an investment, but the effort compensates from minute one. First, because housing is revalued, but above all, because the moments of happiness multiply.

In order to enjoy yours and spend more time at fresh air, the owners commissioned his reform to Xavier Claravall and Sònia Badia, from the architecture and interior design studio Xmas Arquitectura.

Highlights of the work, three key points. The first two focused on lower the floor to the floor level from the terrace, which rose two steps above the house, and in projecting a wide access: the door with three leaves. With both it has been possible to eliminate barriers and merge the interior with the exterior. The third success was install a pergola which makes the space more cozy.

Advertising - Continue reading below Large enclosure Jose Luis Hausmann

Sunny mornings, cool afternoons and gatherings or relax nights. Everything is prepared on this terrace to welcome spring. The access through a large enclosure allows its panoramic view from inside the house. Rehabilitation project, of the architecture and interior design studio Xmas Arquitectura.

Circular sofa Jose Luis Hausmann

With surround back and room for two, the circular sofa It is the star piece of this room outdoors. Designed to lie down, read, chat and above all, relax! Aluminum sofa and hand braided rope, and coffee table, from the collection Bitta; pouf model Zigzag. All three are from the Kettal firm. Cushions: orange and turquoise stripes, from El Meu Coixí (from € 35); with triangles (€ 45 in Sira); and rattan (€ 25 each), from Calma House, where the carpet is also (€ 120). Sombrero, damajuana and plants, Very Very Much. Fiber center with green stripe (€ 15.10 in Sacum).

As a coating, outside it makes any atmosphere more pleasant. It is amazing how it conveys the same sense of comfort as when used indoors. And, for many, its presence evokes a promenade overlooking the sea and the sky. Here its warm effect was enhanced by prolonging the floor parquet by the wall of the living area and also covering the bench

Vases Jose Luis Hausmann

Details like these give life to the outdoors. They are unique to energize the decoration and add that je ne sais quoi that distill the environments created by decorators and stylists. These vases have such a good design that with only a few green branches, or even without them, they are irresistible (from € 10.90 each in Sacum)

Gathering Zone Jose Luis Hausmann

On these lines, the gathering area with the sofa designed in L to take full advantage of the space. A peaceful environment - which enjoys sun and shade thanks to the motorized pergola - in which the warmth of merbau wood and the attractiveness of this noble material in contrast to the white facade is evident.

Metallic for plants Jose Luis Hausmann

The metal wall bracket to decorate with plants gives more freshness to the terrace. Vegetation and wood form an ideal pairing in any corner. In the foreground, cushions of La Maison, raspberry, and El Meu Coixí, in orange.

Dining room furniture Jose Luis Hausmann

The views and the good design of the furniture invite you to enjoy this dining room at all hours. Who do we invite today? In good weather, you feel like having breakfast or having a snack outdoors, lunch and dinner daily, and of course! Organize any gastronomic plan with family and friends.

Kettal dining room furniture, in aluminum. Vases (from € 10.90) and fountains (€ 36.75 each), from Sacum.

Stop heat
A solution for terraces with many hours of sun is the pergola installed in this house. It has mobile ceilings to allow or not the entry of sun at different times of the day in the environments that have been created.

In addition, it incorporates a roller blind with screen fabric, which qualifies the entry of those low solar rays that are often annoying to the eyes.

Cheerful stripes Jose Luis Hausmann

Cushion Ursprunglig, of Ikea, in cotton (€ 5).

Bamboo Jose Luis Hausmann

With braided natural fiber, vase, by Madam Stoltz (€ 44)

Light and stackable Jose Luis Hausmann

Aluminum armchair Sonora, from El Corte Inglés (€ 79.95).


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