Romantic ceiling lamps to put a vintage touch to the living room

Romantic ceiling lamps to put a vintage touch to the living room

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miriam yeleq

In a great house overlooking the sea, we were surprised by this lamp that contrasted perfectly with the fresh and natural decoration of the whole house. And this lamp design is the perfect to put a delicate touch vintage in any corner of your house. Look at these other models that we propose.

Advertising - Keep reading below With wood and metal beads Kenay Home

With wooden and metal beads, the design Moon the decorative level will rise.

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Available in two sizes; in 35.5 x 45 cm (from € 250). It's from Kenay Home.

Shabby chic decoration Miriam Yeleq

If you are looking for details for a decoration shabby chic, You are going to fall in love with this lamp.

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Is the model Margot Beaded, Sweetpea & Willow, with white wooden beads. In 72 x 105 cm (€ 430).

Take the beach home! Maisons du Monde

This design, consisting of small shells of bright mother of pearl, will put a bohemian note.

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Is the model Horizon, in 35 x 78 cm (€ 180). You find it in Maisons du Monde.

Lamp made with shells Miriam Yeleq

What is better to recreate a decoration of Mediterranean essence than to splash the interior of your house with marine details? This lamp made with shells, is ideal.

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It measures 42 cm in diameter x 110 cm in height (€ 240). In mestizo.

Iron and glass structure Miriam Yeleq

Achieve a magical atmosphere in the dining room or bedroom with a model like this, which combines iron structure with delicate circular pieces of glass.

To buy

Its measurements: 53.30 cm x 71.20 cm high (€ 782). It is from Nordal.


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