An industrial-style house inspired by a novel by Julio Verne

An industrial-style house inspired by a novel by Julio Verne

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To know this original house inspired by a novel by the famous author Julio Verne, we must travel to La Plata, Argentina, where the owner carried out a Integral reform to earn more light and space.

Juan Montiel Juan Montiel

During the 50s, the house belonged to a railroad worker, but years later, in 2006, the architect Rubén Pascolini bought it and made a remodeling that led to this loft Industrial style

Juan Montiel Juan Montiel

On the ground floor the garage and the hall are arranged next to a staircase that leads to the first floor, where there is a large living room with wood protagonist and windows. This space opens to a patio and a striking kitchen decorated in reddish tones.

Juan Montiel Juan Montiel

The last floor houses the bedrooms, one of them with bathroom included.

Juan Montiel Juan Montiel Juan Montiel

Nowadays, the house enjoys a cozy and very familiar atmosphere, perfect to enjoy nature in the city.


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