This house opens decoration with Nordic air and Mediterranean touches

This house opens decoration with Nordic air and Mediterranean touches

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When Barbara and Sergio, the owners of this house, launched their search for their new home, they applied two filters: they had to adjust to their budget and they wanted it to be located in the downtown area of Madrid. With these two premises, they navigated through different real estate portals until they found this apartment. Upon visiting, they knew it was going to be theirs. Not only did it meet your expectations, but also, thanks to its two terraces, one facing east and one facing west, it received natural light throughout the day.

The next step would be to adapt the space to your needs and way of life, since housing required a total change. The couple dreamed of a comfortable and functional house, with bright environments and venting, but without neglecting in any way a refined and contemporary aesthetic, to mix the nordic style with Mediterranean touches. The commission fell to the Mill-house interior architecture studio, responsible for its renovation and decoration, which launched a complete transformation. The first action was to redesign a new distribution and get the light to flow. The hall divides the house into two zones; by day, to the right, and at night, to the left. The first was organized as a large living room, with the kitchen open. The night area was planned with two bedrooms. One of them, the principal, has integrated dressing room and bathroom, plus access to a terrace.

In addition, installations and coatings were renovated. To create visual continuity and gain breadth, the same flooring was chosen throughout the house and the walls were painted white, although the kitchen and bathrooms were equipped with personality and strength with fronts in other colors and materials.

At the time of decorating the house, the Mill-house team combined current line furniture - white painted pieces subtly mixed with light wood and darker finishes -, upholstery in neutral tones and discrete brushstrokes of color.


- If you decide to cover the front that is free of furniture, choose a color that contrasts and harmonizes with the color range of your kitchen.

- Choose enamels or plastic paints. Its high strength and fast drying make them the best option.

- There are plastic paints They repel stains and prevent liquids from entering the surface. In addition, they are resistant to rubbing.

- Slate paintings It should be applied on walls away from contact with hot liquids or oils.

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In order to take better advantage of the space and gain a sense of visual amplitude, partitions were thrown and a diaphanous common area was achieved.

The successful use of color and a master pillar, which was impossible to demolish for constructive reasons, subtly define the environments, while
that the uniform ground
It brings continuity.

Perfect combination

In the decoration of the room, it was based on a base in neutral tones to which later brush strokes in blue and black were added. The result is a serene and elegant environment, in which different pieces of fiber and natural wood provide warmth.


With branches and leaves it is possible to create decorative compositions. If plants are not your thing, use small cacti, which need little care, to put green notes in any corner of the house.

Natural materials

Deco-trend: natural materials, such as untreated wood, fibers and ceramics, are still up to date. Combine them with modern designs. Vases, of Indietro. Bowls, from Zara Home and Los Peñotes

Sofa with chaise longue

Sofa with chaise-longue, from Actual Sofa. Tables: center, Kavehome, and auxiliary, Zara Home. Cushions: from El Corte Inglés, Indietro and Los Peñotes. The paintings are by Jose Luis Fajardo, on the sofa wall, and by Emilio Tudanca, about
Fireplace. The shelving is custom made by Mill-house.

Table with wooden envelope

In the dining room, the table with wooden envelope and transparent glass legs was combined with four Cantilever chairs and spectacular bamboo grid lamps, which act as sculptures and give relevance to the environment.
XXL lamps Sinnerlig model, from Ikea. Mesa, by Devina Nais. The chairs were purchased at Amazon.

Taxidermy work

Bet on creativity! Look for details and accessories that go out of the ordinary, such as
This painting, by Mato Handmade. It is a very original taxidermy work, since the insects are made with recycled coffee capsules.


From the living room you access one of the two terraces that the house has. In this outer space a pleasant dining area was created, protected from direct sun with an awning. Iron chairs in pastel green and small trees, from Los Peñotes. Tableware and pouf with black and white print, from Zara Home.

Fresh air

In outdoor meals and informal meetings, you are licensed to combine dishes and glassware of different styles and materials. Of course, choose a tablecloth in neutral tones, plain or with discreet prints.

Linear distribution

The kitchen was decorated with plain furniture, with refined lines, in white. In its design, care was taken that the appliances go unnoticed from the living room. That's why an integrable dishwasher was chosen, while the decorative hood
it was installed attached to the wall. Kitchen designed by Mill-house. Appliances, from Neff.

Open shelves module

Due to the small size of the kitchen and the location of the window, it was necessary to dispense with tall cabinets. To gain storage areas,
a module of open shelves was placed on the side that overlooks the dining room and a flying shelf was installed. The countertop was extended in the front to protect the wall from stains.


Dekton countertop, from Cosentino. The complements are from Indietro, Los Peñotes and Westwing.

Headboard with glass

The headboard is a half-height partition with transparent glass on the top, which separates the bedroom from the space where the bathroom and dressing room were located. Ceiling lamp, by SuperStudio. Cushions, for sale in Los Peñotes

Garden chair

This garden chair, a cheerful and carefree piece, is successfully integrated into the bedroom decoration. The neutral background of the cladding - white painted walls and light wood flooring - helps to enhance its striking silhouette.

Chair Copacabana, from Maisons du Monde. Mirror
and comfortable, from Ikea. Bedding, from Zara Home.

Perfumes and cosmetics

Organize them in a beautiful and delicate tray on the dresser. If you want to protect the furniture from stains and scratches, the best solution is to place a glass on the envelope. Mirror tray, from Zara Home.

In two different areas

In this bathroom, a step marks the step towards
the area of ​​the toilets, which has been coated
with gray microcement to distinguish it from the rest of the room, in wood.

A large frameless mirror was placed on the wall of the washbasin, which reinforces the simple and minimalist air of the decoration.

Staircase, by Maisons du Monde. Baskets and towels, from Zara Home.

Glazed enclosures

If you want to delimit environments without losing depth and free passage to natural light, install glass enclosures. In this case, partition and doors allow the bathroom to benefit from the natural light that enters through the terrace doors.

Housing plan

Housing plan.


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