A house overlooking the palm trees

A house overlooking the palm trees

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Cáliz Vázquez Architecture and Interior Design

Located in the heart of Elche, the house enjoys privileged views of the palm trees of the Huerto del Cura, key factor so that this marriage with a daughter decided to acquire the house. It is a new building, where you had to redistribute the day area that originally had an independent kitchen, to create a single room to spend family time (including the three Jack Russel puppies).

As for the functionality of the house, one of the four bedrooms had to be sacrificed to make the daughter's room more spacious and, in turn, the day area. But it was also necessary to give it character, and for this, they opted for a feminine style using a palette of pink, pastel, copper, soft woods, natural linen and gold.

The transit to the bedrooms is a neutral space that has closets where you can access the bathroom of the child, decorated in the same range of soft colors present in the rest of the house, and including a mosaic of tribute ceramic pieces to hydraulics, designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Once in the room of the girl, you can see the wallpaper with birches and a pink stick background that is gently projected on the curtain through the marked folds.

To decorate the bedroom of the parents, pieces of the trail were chosen as the night table, the sideboard, or the lamp with metal sheets.

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