Fill Christmas with magic for children

Fill Christmas with magic for children

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Children enjoy Christmas the most: they are on vacation, receive gifts and have more time to play With your family and friends. Take note of these ideas so that your children live a party full of excitement, nerves and incredible surprises and do not erase the smile from their face.

Today we have guests!

Ambiente, by Maisons du Monde.

One of the plans they like best is to invite their classmates or cousins ​​home. Condition your bedroom for the occasion. Order the toys, place one carpet and poufs, so that throw on the floorride a tipi and one table to make crafts. And if they stay to sleep, prepare the beds or sleeping bags.

Order and gain space

Everything from Vertbaudet.

Before the Magi or Santa Claus come, it is necessary check the toys What is at home. Throw away the broken ones and donate those that no longer use. Win space of storage with modular furniture with doors, which give more sense of order, drawers under the bed, shelves or trunks.

With proper name

Custom bag, 60x70x17 cm, € 16.50, for sale at Nicolasito.es

Make the morning of December 25 even more exciting placing paper bags next to the tree with the name of family members so that Santa Claus leaves his gifts and everyone knows where to look for them.

Dear Santa Claus…

Primark Lion Cushion (€ 6); Monopoly Voice Bank, with voice assistant (€ 30.26), from Hasbro; Strider bike model bike (from € 129.99); shelving (€ 8), from Primark; Letters to Santa mailbox in Zara Home stores (€ 25.99). DR Related Contents Shopping gifts: Just what I wanted! You will be sorry to open them 🎁 Solidarity gifts for a Christmas with awareness


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