Camp for children and luxury hotel at the same time

Camp for children and luxury hotel at the same time

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If you are planning some family vacation, the holiday resort of The Abama Terraces in Guía de Isora, Tenerife, has just launched a Kids camp for children between 4 and 14 years old that will leave you speechless.

Abama Terraces

The kids club is organized as an outdoor camp with large tents, following the trend of glamping. In this way, children can enjoy the environment while doing some fun excursions.

Abama Terraces.

But in addition, they will also have a great time in other activities related to culture, science, nature, sports, art, creativity or health.

Abama Terraces

And it is that one of the main interests of the club, is that children learn more about the Canary Islands: culture and customs, its flora and fauna ...

Abama Terraces

This new offer in the service letter of The Abama Terraceswill allow ornir both concepts, residential and family, since parents will have a support in the care of their children that, at the same time, guarantees their entertainment.

Abama Terraces Abama Terraces

The club, which will open on July 30, will be open both to families staying in Abama, and to those who have a property at the resort. Do you sign up?


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