Mini tiles, the trend that will conquer you

Mini tiles, the trend that will conquer you

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The tiles are a classic decoration, versatile and affordable, but now they have arrived to conquer us in their mini version.

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// A REVOLUTIONARY, only 6mm-thick Porcelain Bench Top from Italy? We would NOT say no @maximumaustralia;) Get this in your kitchen people. Our gorgeous friend @neutralinstinct has already ordered it for hers! :)… Mmmmmmmm waferrr thinnn. Design by @dko_architecture + @laurajanesaunders. Photo by @melbournephotographer via @artedomus. Happy Saturday! Team DS X #designstuff #kitchen #benchtop #countertop #kitchendesign #kitcheninspiration #minimal #monochrome #customshelving #melbourne #richmond #subwaytile #minisubwaytile #australianinteriors #australianarchitecture #australianinteriordesign #kitcheninssta #brasstap #brasware

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Mini tiles are the latest in decorating bathrooms and kitchens. In addition to being more pleasing to the eye, they are perfect for small spaces that need extra style. But you don't have to fill the walls, just a touch to get the desired effect.

Buy now: € 5 (approx.) For 0.5 square meters of white porcelain mini tiles at The Home Depot

These versions of 2.54 cm x 5.08 cm are available in various colors and types. You can opt for a classic style of white and gray, or go further, for example, with black or pearl tiles. Have you thought that you could also use them to decorate the island or even the fireplace?

Buy now: € 15 (approx.) For 0,09 square meters of pearl mini tiles in The Home Depot

More advantages? Placing them is super easy! Thanks to their small size they usually sell them together and ready to ride. Even the rookie will be able to do that, promised!

Buy now: € 12 (approx.) For 0.09 square meters demini glass tiles at Amazon

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