A current house in Malaga with touches of color

A current house in Malaga with touches of color

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We open this house for the kitchen, one of the rooms that best reflect the spirit of this house of 56 square meters, located in Malaga. Mª José and Juan, their owners, reformed the house to gain breadth. All decisions made are based on the need to visually multiply the meters and have achieved it. The decoration is simple and try not to abuse the heavy pieces so that the steps are fluid and the view is lost in the background without vertical elements that cut its path.

But color is important in the life of our readers and is present in all environments in accessories that brighten the rooms. In the kitchen, white and red. In the living room, touches in orange and green ... We happen to see the rest?

Advertising - Keep reading below The living room in bright tones

Living room with neutral neutrals and colored textiles. Here orange and green are the tones chosen by the owners of the house to liven up the stay. Very vital.

Cushions and blinds, from El Corte Inglés.

Lighting has also been very important for Mª José and Juan, who have tried to incorporate several artificial points that create atmosphere and avoid shadows.

The terrace

The terrace, with style and very light furniture.

The dinner room

Mª José resolved the spaces by eliminating a door like the kitchen and living room. On the ground a coating that unifies the entire plant: floating floor.

Most of the furniture in the house is from Mymobel although there are accessories purchased on trips through the Spanish and Portuguese geography.

Personal details

Personal details and decorative objects acquired in large areas and small stores that owners have discovered in their travels.

Keep the order

Light and bright colors predominate on the walls (painted in pearl white and taupe) to lighten the space although the color notes are present in details. An example, this corner of the room with the bookstore and showcase.

The kitchen

The kitchen, spacious, bright and brimming with vitality thanks to the brushstrokes in red on a white base.

Kitchen furniture, from La pradera.

The hall

Detail of the coat rack in the hall.

Passage areas of the house

View of the interior of the house where you can see the circulation areas.

Always with color notes

A very lively passage area thanks to the brushstrokes of color.

The children's bedroom

In the small room of the house the walls have been painted in turquoise blue.

The main room

The main room.


A fresh bath with green notes.


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