Dress the windows: Styles and ways to hang them

Dress the windows: Styles and ways to hang them

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Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Honeycomb

The top of the curtain is topped with a decorative honeycomb that makes it more important. The blind, located behind the curtain, has the same colors as this one, but a different drawing. Jab fabrics.

2 With eyelets

This is the system chosen to hang this curtain made with a beautiful print of Toile de Jouy, of Lienzo de los Gazules. A matting mat replaces the classic curtains and gives a very modern touch.

3 rings

A traditional solution: the rings, but these carry a pin that clicks on the fabric, from Maison Decor, so you don't have to sew them. This bar can be placed both on the ceiling and on the wall.

4 ties

A very practical and decorative idea is to top off the top of the curtains with a plain fabric in one of the fall colors and make strips with the same fabric to tie them to the bar.

5 After the plaster

Estudio Efesto made, with the same Monkwell fabric, blinds and curtains to dress these windows. The plaster molding has been used to hide the rails that have hung both.

6 double rails

In this window, Japanese panels have been combined with traditional falls on the sides. To hang them two independent rails have been placed, in parallel. All fabrics are from Ikea establishments.

7 Ways to Hang

With jareta: A strip of the width of the bar through which it is inserted is made on the fabric. For very light fabrics.
Gathering Tape: The tape is sewn upside down and the threads are pulled to gather; The tape supports different effects. Hooks are attached to the tape, which are then hung from rings. For all fabrics.
Triple fold: A fold is sewn in each place where the hook that will be attached to the ring will go; Perfect for curtains with a lot of body.
With cloth loops: Wide strips are made of the same fabric through which the bar is then passed; for sheer curtains and fabrics.
All fabrics, by Laura Ashley.


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