Get your house ready to receive at Christmas

Get your house ready to receive at Christmas

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Do you have guests? Tranquility. In addition to the menu and Christmas decoration, we give you some tricks so you have everything ready. Good planning is very important. Prepare everything in advance, you will avoid surprises at the last moment. Write this down on your list and go on strikethrough: start with a good cleaning, especially in the dining room, living room and bathroom. Collect all that is not necessary, magazines and cables; clear the tables and sideboards to place the Christmas decorations; and put the cushions and blankets. Create auxiliary spaces with a small table or multipurpose cart.

The first impression

The first thing our guests see is the receiver. Try to keep it collected. Order the coat rack and make room for coats and bags. If you have space, you can put an optional donkey with hangers, like this one from Kave Home. Check that there is a hole in the umbrella stand. Take care of the lighting and ensure that it is scented.

Donkey, from Kave Home. DR Perfect Coat Racks Well-equipped hall with benches and coat racks 15 very inspiring receivers

The operations center: the kitchen

Pay special attention to the kitchen. The countertop will be your great ally. Keep it clear, leaving only the appliances you are going to use. Think about the menu and make sure you have all the necessary utensils to prepare it: fountains, molds, trays ... Make the shopping list, check the pantry to see if you have all the basic ingredients and free up space in the fridge.

Atmosphere, of House.

All to the table!

Think if you have space enough. Open the table if it is extensible or add a board with an easel. Think that each diner needs about 65 cm to be comfortable. If you use chairs from other rooms, put a cover to combine.

Chairs with covers, from Ikea.

Must Visit

Pay special attention to bathroom. Order the countertop and supervise soaps and toilet paper. Place a basket with towels of dressing table or a game of the same pattern. And don't forget to put a neutral air freshener.

H&M towel set.

Household and textile

Review the crockery, Remove parts that are husked or old. Dust the glassware. Don't forget the cutlery, You should have enough pieces. If they are silver, clean with a little alcohol and put them in an airtight plastic bag. Wash and iron the tablecloths, Check that they have no stains and check that you have enough napkins.

Greengate image.
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