If you are a CharHadas fan, discover where everything is cooked

If you are a CharHadas fan, discover where everything is cooked

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Although it may not seem like it, the images that illustrate this report correspond to the interior of an office; yes, it is not a work center to use, we are at the headquarters of, a portal dedicated to the families of today that already has almost ten years of experience and from which the Petit Fashion Week, a children's fashion show that takes place every year in Madrid. The stylist Encarna Romero was the one who materialized this decorative project and tells us that to achieve this, she transformed pure and hard offices into five sets where he conducts interviews, beauty reports, cooking photos, fashion, crafts ... for the web. The first decision was to remove the classic functional panels that divided the space to create a single, brighter room, in which cozy environments were distributed: a kitchenette, the office, a small lounge and a cozy set for filming.

In the kitchen, with white furniture and coverings, an island of generous dimensions allows you to shoot recipe videos.

As for the old management office, located at the bottom of the floor, it has been transformed into a practical multipurpose room and craft workshop, which also offers various scenarios. The coverings, authentic ones in charge of delimiting the spaces, alternate wallpapers, terrazzo, false marble ... But it is the complements, in golden tones, that become the real link between them.

Armchairs Lake room (€ 275 each), side table Dhaka (€ 119), ceramic vases of organic forms Yopal (from € 39.95). Ceiling lamps, which simulate origami, are the model Hatton (€ 345). Everything from El Corte Inglés.

A set of very feminine interviews in which the pink paneled wall and with quarteres of wallpaper stand out.

On the console with natural wood envelope: model table lamp Diane (€ 69) and round mirrors Adele Room with golden frame, from (€ 79). Everything from El Corte Inglés. Heast

Another corner of one of the sets, which highlights the front wallpaper with a feather silhouettes design, perfect as a background for a portrait or an interview.

Sofa Coimbra three-seater (€ 895). Chair Joe Room (€ 395), side table Gold (€ 135), rectangular table Drum (€ 95), lamp Ginny (€ 49). Everything from El Corte Inglés.

A sofa upholstered in green velvet chairs this glamorous air space, enhanced by the elements in gold; as background, a large mural in marble and pink velvet curtain.

Shoes: Gloria Ortiz. Pants: Green Coast. Jersey: Unit. Everything, In The English Court.

Belén Martí Junco is the CEO of - a portal specialized in mothers and children, which has become a success of unstoppable growth - and the stylish Petite Fashion Week, a children's fashion show that takes place in Madrid every year. With the reform of their offices, they were able to update them so that the team could carry out all the activities they organize from the web: recipe videos, crafts, interviews ...

Wooden dining table model Etimo (€ 395); on it, decorative cactus figure (€ 45.95). On the shelf: Barichara vertical fish decorative figure (€ 19.95) and pictures with images of New York (€ 49.95 each). From the English Court.

Separated from the kitchen by a glass wall is the office area, chaired by a large oak wood table with a white top. The walls were covered with an original terrazzo cladding in blues and water green, an upward trend, which brings a young and casual look.



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