Before and after: from claustrophobic floor to open studio

Before and after: from claustrophobic floor to open studio

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Before the reform, the great attraction of this apartment was its terrace, overlooking the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd of San Sebastian. Its interior was so overwhelming that what he wanted most was to take a breath to his terrace. In its 40 square meters a minibaño (of only 1 square meters), a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom in which only one bed and a hallway had entered. All independent and overwhelming. But after going through the hands of Living Projects, its appearance changed radically. The study made a tabula rasa, eliminating separating partitions and redrawing its plant with a more open and functional concept, to turn it into a holiday rental apartment. The kitchen began to share space with the living room and, in a mezzanine, hidden behind sliding doors, a larger bedroom than the previous one under which is a perfect storage space for this type of housing. The bathroom was enlarged by dividing it in two: in one part the sink and shower and, just in front, the toilet and the washing machine.

In the decoration, the white color and the natural finish of the wood, the Nordic style and the friendly lines predominate. The sofa, in a darker and velvet tone, puts the warm and delimited touch, without losing the open concept, the lounge area. Accessories in green and yellow and with plant motifs, such as vases, cushions or flowers, provide dynamism. A result so cozy and comfortable that now it is more difficult to make the decision to go out to eat on the terrace or stay indoors.


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This 40 square meter penthouse in San Sebastián has come back to life thanks to the Living Projects study.

All in one

The partitions were removed to create a shared space and open the interior, formerly very overwhelming.

To share is to live

The living room, dining room and kitchen share the same space.

Minimalist kitchen

In white, gray and with simple lines, it combines perfectly with the living room.

Great capacity

Being a holiday rental apartment, it was essential to create storage space. It was achieved by installing a closet under the bedroom in loft.

Light metals

A metal and wood staircase leads to the bedroom.

Privacy settings

The bedroom can be isolated or opened thanks to sliding wooden doors.

Let there be light

Intimate lighting was achieved and the space was maximized thanks to a wooden headboard with LED lights.


The previous bathroom had only 1 square meter. To expand it, it was divided into two facing spaces. One of them (pictured) houses the sink and shower.

Wash zone

The other part contains the toilet and the washing machine.


From its terrace you can see the center of San Sebastián.

Good shadow blanket you

An awning allows you to eat outside even on the hottest days.

Ele form

The terrace goes around the house.


Outdoor relaxation area.

A king's body Before

Distressing, dark and impractical.

Lounge before Walls before Hall before Bedroom before Cook before Kitchen cabinets before

They lived better times ...

Roof before Bathroom before

All embedded in just one square meter.

Courtyard Plan before Later plane