A house (almost) without divisions

A house (almost) without divisions

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The intention of this project was design spaces that respond to the family's life needs owner. 311 Studio took the reins of transformation and completely modified the route of the house with a new distribution of environments, visually communicated and connected to each other, With hardly any aisles distributors. With a studied decoration, based on the essential pieces, that yield the prominence to the complements, the interior design studio got this floor to reflect, in addition, the personality of its owners.

The living room, the dining room, the hall and the kitchen They share the main area of ​​the house. On a more intimate level, rooms and bathrooms follow one another. White enhances the luminosity enjoyed by the whole because of its orientation. Without sacrificing functionality, the owners were clear that the warmth and comfort They should be an essential maxim in the choice of each of the pieces. Thus, the materials also respond to this premise, with a predominance of wood.

The kitchen It is one of the rooms that has undergone the greatest transformation, by adding meters that have favored an original distribution and divided into several areas: a work front, a warehouse front, an open module that organizes the passage and an office corner. Both here and in other environments custom solutions are a plus.

In the rest area they have been projected warehouse spaces and work and study areas, both in the master bedroom and in the children's rooms. The effective decorative project, based on chosen elements, promotes a fluid distribution. Natural materials, calm colors, altered only by discreet and lively brushstrokes of color, convince.

Advertising - Keep reading below Large shared space

The books have a reserved place in the lounge; both in a wide floor-to-ceiling shelf on one of the fronts, and in a low-shaped L-shaped bookcase that divides the dining room and extends into the wall behind the sofa. It is a practical two-in-one piece, designed by 311 Studio, which houses the books on one of its faces while in another it becomes a closet.

A clear room

A rocking chair of family heritage, an elevating coffee table and a mobile, modernist-inspired. An excellent sample of how to combine styles in a room where harmony and balance are breathed. The mix works with personality. Sofa, model Chocolate, Jorge Pensi design. The circular coffee table is the Subeybaja design, by Santa & Cole, with scissor legs and adjustable in height. Cushions, carpet and framed photographs, from BoConcept. Mobile, similar to the Thyssen museum.

Furniture with ingenious and practical design

Ingenious, because the L-shape of this low shelf makes the longest wall in the room profitable. Practical, since it defines the area of ​​being without interfering with the flow of natural light to the hall.

Color in the living room

On a neutral color palette, the colors work. They modernize, stimulate and cheer the whole. This corner of the room is marked by a mobile original that hangs from the ceiling in constant motion.

A touch of freshness

And so natural! The flowers and plants in arrangements fill a stay with life. Copy this composition with containers that add aesthetic value (perfect also without flowers). Pair of vases, from BoConcept.

A light dining room

Located near the kitchen, but in a passageway that connects the hall with the living room, the dining room occupies a strategic place, which influenced the choice of furniture: a glass table and steel structure, very light visually. The set is heated by chairs, fiber, and the ceiling lamp. Mesa, from La Oca. Model chairs Without, design by Luciano Marson. Carpet, candlesticks and utensils, from BoConcept. Lamp, by Habitat.

A dining room connected to the kitchen

The dining room is located near the kitchen, a spacious, complete and organized stay in several areas. Sideboard, designed by 311 Studio. Above, blue vases, from Habitat.

The kitchen

The platform unifies the entire floor of the house and provides warmth. In the reform, the kitchen gained meters by incorporating some spaces. Its plant has been distributed in an online work area, a front with storage cabinets, oven and microwave, a dividing module - attached to a column - and a dining room. The kitchen is a design of the interior design studio in charge of the project. It adapts to the peculiar plant and is manufactured by Discesur. Stools, similar in Habitat.

Practical and functional kitchen

This module shows the low module that, as a bar, divides the work area from the storage area. Cloth, from Zara Home. White fountain, from Sargadelos.

Child's bedroom

The pieces chosen to decorate this room respond to the needs of a couple of young children: two bunk beds, a table and chairs to scale and a storage module with drawers and shelves at the height of the children. So they reach games and books themselves. It also facilitates the task of collecting. Bunk bed, similar in Marcmuebles. Bedding and blanket, Zara Home. Round coffee table, chairs and warehouse module, from Ikea.

Studying room

One of the rooms on this floor has two areas: rest and work, which become independent or communicate through a sliding panel. Study tables and chairs, from Ikea. Blue camel, clock and decorative letters, for sale at BoConcept.

The main room

As simple as simple: the absence of headboard on a white wall is supplemented with a framed sheet, which decorates the wall, and several cushions and pillows stacked on the bed. The wise choice of pieces creates a unique atmosphere, full of vitality and, at the same time, comfort in the bedroom. Next to the window, a desk and a composition of shelves, projected by 311 Studio, in white color and of such minimal design that it merges with the wall. Table lamp and cushions with geometric shapes, from BoConcept. Desk and chair, by Ikea. Blanket and blue cushions, from Habitat. Cushions and bedspread coordinated by Zara Home.

A shelf that does not take place

You just have to plan where to organize books and magazines. Write down this vertical composition of L-shelves: the side and the column hold the specimens. Design of 311 Studio.

Geometric motifs

In wallpapers, framed sheets, accessories or textiles. Excessive use saturates a stay, but to the right extent, you will be right! Incorporate them into your deco.

Pure white bathroom

Except on the floor, this color predominates in walls, sanitary ware and furniture.
At the bottom of the bathroom is the shower with a glass screen. Facing, toilet and bidet and the front of the sink, with a flown rectangular design, drainage seen and custom furniture, designed by 311 Studio and made by a carpenter.
Towels and vases, from Habitat.

Plan and ideas of the reform

- Custom solutions. Designed by the study in charge of remodeling, they stand out for adapting to the distributional needs of the plant. Through them, spaces are improved, communication between environments is facilitated and meters are profitable.
- The simplicity of the furniture: a luxury that allows incorporating accessories of varied styles, which enrich each room. The materials chosen in the pieces that decorate and the warm tones soften the predominant straight lines.


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