A house to live ... a son de mar

A house to live ... a son de mar

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A house to meet and enjoy with family. This was the objective of the owners when they decided to acquire this house on the sea coast Mediterranean that, although it was in good condition, it did need some changes to fulfill that purpose. The architecture and interior design studio Dröm Living took over the project with the challenge of giving a new image to this centenary building - ancient property of Indians - without losing the essence of its history and turning it into a haven of peace and rest in front of the sea . With a moderate work, they should provide the environments with a new interior design, warm and relaxing, to breathe marine reminiscences.

To enhance the spectacular entry of natural light, we chose to paint all the spaces in a broken white tone, which played the role of canvas on which the different elements appropriate for each environment were located. Through natural fabrics and warm materials, such as wood, roten or esparto, the predominance of a range of light tones was sought, strategically contrasted with blue brushstrokes and more acidic touches.

The original travertine marble floor on the ground floor, although on the first floor it was replaced by a laminate in white tones that gives the bedrooms a great warmth and harmony. In the kitchen, the change was radical. In addition to opening to the living room, it was renovated with practical white lacquered wood cabinets, and dark Silestone on the worktop and work front.

As for the decoration, the Dröm Living studio managed to recreate a warm and very homely atmosphere, with a subtle eclecticism: old pieces of the family, recovered and restored, were combined with custom designed furniture for the house, such as the wooden table and the bookcase found in the dining room, or the headboard of the youth room, as well as details with a attractive vintage air. The result is fresh and dynamic environments where you want to stay.

Advertising - Keep reading under Fiber furniture

In the terreza a small seating area was created from where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view. How could it be otherwise, we opted for a Mediterranean-style decoration, with a background in white and blue tones, and fiber furniture.

Chair and table, by Maisons du Monde. Cushions, from Calma House. Basket with mimosa, from Bossvi. Blue cups, from Zara Home.

Fiber furniture

Braided synthetic fiber furniture, which mimics rattan or wicker, is the best option to introduce a touch of color on the terrace. You will find them in a variety of tones. In addition, they are durable and easy to maintain.

Glazed front

The living room has a large glazed front open to the terrace, which allows you to create a unique and familiar atmosphere. The doors, white painted wood, combine transparent glass fronts with blue accents.

Armchairs and side table, from Sacum. Cushions, from Calma House. Coffee table, from Palleto's Furnature. Baskets with plants, from Bossvi.

Living room with fireplace

The living room is chaired by an imposing chimney of refined lines, of the same material and finish of the floor: travertine marble. To enhance the warm and welcoming air of the decoration, details were added in vegetable fiber, such as the carpet, and arrangements of plants and flowers were distributed through different parts of the room.

Sofa model Loft, from Frajumar, in Dröm Living. Carpet, by Sacum. Wicker pouf and cushions, from Calma House. Large basket with handles, Very Very. Floor lamps, from Home Vintage.

Similar color

When you have furniture of different materials, try to unify by shades. Ideally, all the pieces that are there, be they wood, stone or fiber, have a similar color. If not, choose a background color that harmonizes the result.

Curved wall

The distribution of furniture helps to save the curved shape of the living room wall. It opens directly to the kitchen, without doors. A large opening and a front of lacquered cabinets in the same color of the wall allow visual communication, in addition to lightening the two environments.

Natural wood table

In the dining room, the natural wooden table was accompanied by different chairs, but with a common denominator: all are made of cane with
A lovely vintage air.

Dining table and shelving, by Dröm Living. The chairs are from Versmissen, Maisons du Monde and Vintage Decoration. The ceiling lamps are from Home Vintage.

Furniture with enlisted doors

For the kitchen furniture with white lacquered enlisted doors were chosen. This color alternated with a taupe brown on walls and countertops to create a clean contrast, which enhances the sense of order.

Kitchen furniture, by Dröm Living. On the shelves, fiber baskets, from Muy Mucho and Calma House

Parallel kitchen

The kitchen was distributed in parallel: attached to the wall, a countertop was installed that houses the sink and low furniture, and just opposite, an island with the hob. A ceiling extractor hood was chosen, which goes practically unnoticed. Sliding doors separate this space from the adjoining room, where the dining room was located.

Ceiling lamps, by Francisco Segarra. Carpet by Calma House. The roof bell is from Pando.

Front countertop

The latest trends in the design of kitchens are committed to prolonging the worktop in the work front, especially when it comes to natural or synthetic stone surfaces.

Suspended lamp

Headboard, by Dröm Living. White, Filocolore and blue quadrants of Cado. Striped bedspread and cushions with ethnic print, for sale at Calma House. Suspended lamp, from the Vtwonen website.

Main bedroom

In the master bedroom, the light that enters through the glazed doors was used and the white color on walls, ceiling and fabrics.

With the furniture made of wood, the patterns of the carpet and the cushions an ethnic and light look was achieved.

Microcement in the bathroom

For the bathroom of the master bedroom, contemporary designs and finishes were chosen, such as the washbasin cabinet and the microcement that covers both the walls and the floor.

Mirror and stool, by Maisons du Monde. Mampara, from Lasser.

Esparto headboard

In the children's room a charming rustic style was created, very simple, with a headboard
of esparto. In the doors leading to the terrace, blinds sift the natural lighting.

Headboard, from Drom Living. Duvet covers, in Filocolore. Cushions, from Calma House. Bedside table, from Maisons du Monde. Floor lamp, by Drom Living.

The perfect bedside table

Find one that suits your tastes and needs. If you want it to be functional, choose a model that includes space to have your things at hand, and one or two drawers. Bedside table, from Mimub.

Blue and white striped fabrics

Blue and white striped fabrics are ideal for dressing the bedroom, as they contribute to serene environments. To clarify the coldness of these tones, add chromatic counterpoints in warm ranges, such as oranges, reds or yellows.

Coat rack with branches

If you are looking to create a warm atmosphere with a slight rustic air, nothing better than resorting to the treasures that nature offers us: from arrangements with branches to furniture made with logs. Coat rack, by Maisons du Monde.

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