Ideas to update your dining room

Ideas to update your dining room

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We can do without a movie dressing room or a dream dressing table. But we all need A place to put the plate and eat without haste. The concept of dinning room, Although it does not exist as a separate room inside the house, it is a functional need, as well as decorative. Hence the usual question "Where do I put the dining room?", maybe it should be replaced by "what do I do when I eat?" Starting from our lifestyle will be a success.

For example, a couple who usually watches television may not need a dining room in the strict sense of the word. A coffee table with the lift envelope will allow you to eat on the sofa, have more space for the living area and, incidentally, see the front screen, without either having to turn your head. Nothing to do with those who once a week invite friends to dinner at home. Then, The dining room requires a separate table. The round ones facilitate the circulation around, for those moments in which it wanders from one side to the other before sitting down.

Advertising - Continue reading below Vertical brushstrokes

Among the effects achieved by the papers, those that, with geometric motifs, modify the perception of space stand out. The stripes of the collection Tamaris, from Camengo, they convey the feeling that the wall is growing and, therefore, the dining room seems taller.

The brushstrokes give an informal touch to the elegant combination of gray and white colors. Paper (€ 72.20 / roll).

Nordic inspiration

Just take a look to understand that "dark colors are heavier visually." The carpet and the brown chairs become a solid base that supports the table and the white, luminous and lighter lamps.

From Ikea: chairs Esbjörn (€ 89 each); carpet Stockholm (€ 179); table Witch (€ 199) and lamp Rockrose (6,99 €).

Alone or accompanied

This table by Car Möebel is ideal for a single. With the folded envelope, it is attached to the wall as if it were a console for eating alone. But when guests come, it becomes a circular table. In 77 x 55-110 x 110 cm (€ 339).

Tone Colors

Each chair in this dining room is a different color, but when coordinating with the furniture, it is harmonious. The blue combines with the sideboard; the white one, with the table; the black one with the striped border of the wall and the red one with the lamp.

De La Oca: chairs Sangermain (€ 98 each); table Finland, in 120 x 76 x 74 cm (€ 278); sideboard Lunch (€ 1,545) and lamp (€ 99).

A rainbow of chairs

Do you know why this dining room is cheerful and dynamic? The interior designers of Gunni & Trentino Contract, Cristina de Vicente and Sandra Fernández, chose chairs of the same model but in different colors. We saw them in the space Barquillo 12, of Oikos, in the latest edition of Casa Decor Madrid.

Chairs Softshell and table Em Table; Everything, from Vitra.

With history

Those old kitchen tables, with wooden structure and zinc envelope, are back in fashion. The aged effect paint evokes the passage of time.

The stools, without backrest, allow you to better appreciate the design of the table; of the firm Nordal, in 151 x 91 x 77 cm (€ 719 in Car Mobël).

A bold combination

What does a rustic table with industrial chairs and a retro stool have to do with it? In appearance, nothing. However, the white color unifies the entire dining room and integrates the showcase.

The chandelier puts the note of elegance. Table Colette (from € 489), chairs Cross (€ 132) and metallic Callaway (€ 129); stool (€ 84); showcase (€ 1,022) and lamp (€ 85). Of the goose.

Hanging lamp

A delicate combination of tears and glass flowers. The lamp Chic countryside add lend to a rustic dining room without losing its essence (€ 125 in La Oca).

My growing table

An ideal option to invite friends. This table only measures 120 cm in diameter, but includes two extendable boards that extend it up to 240 cm (€ 899 in Car Möbel).


To make the living area more spacious, the dining room of this house was located in the passage from the kitchen to the living room, with the table attached to the wall. Table and chairs Vilmar (€ 29.99 each), from Ikea.

A little corner for two

Where space decreases, ingenuity increases. Houses are not always the right size to organize a spacious dining room. But in all there is an area where you can place an XS table and a couple of chairs.

In this case they were located in the passage between the hall and the hall. The table, 75 x 75 x 75 cm, does not impede circulation, and being located next to the window, receives an extra natural lighting that enhances its decorative importance (€ 329 in

Between bouquets

It is like living in a garden safe from inclement weather. But beware! Very striking motifs recharge the space. Paper only one wall and combine it with tone paint. Model paper Shabby chic, from Pip Studio.

If the board is small

Get an auxiliary furniture that offers you an extra surface on which to place the bread, water or fruit bowl. Look for a lightweight design: keep in mind that you should bring it to the table at each meal and remove it when you finish so that it does not obstruct the passage.

This table includes a tray; in 66 x 45 x 76 cm (€ 149 in

What did you wear the table with?

The tablecloth is the usual option. But if you want to achieve a modern environment, turn to individuals. Blank plains are a safe option, as they coordinate with both patterned and monochrome tableware.

This Rivièra Maison signature set includes two singles, a pair of pink napkins and napkin rings with butterflies (€ 34.94).

Tradition renewed

The chairs with wicker seats are a classic in the dining rooms of the cottages. The difference lies in the large wooden table: if it had been left in natural finish, it would enhance the rustic style, but when painted in white, the dining room acquires a more sophisticated air.

Mesa, from Meridiana. The chairs were purchased in a basketry.

A cozy British air

The dining room decoration goes beyond furniture. The surrounding walls are basic when it comes to achieving a specific atmosphere in the environment. Wallpapers get striking effects.

The model dishes Porcelain they make us feel that we are at home, protected and comfortable (173 € / 6 m in

What finish do you prefer?

Chair painted aluminum Walker, from House Doctor (€ 213).

My wooden chair

In armchair oak Shanghai (€ 125 in El Corte Inglés).

My sculptural design

The blade-shaped legs stylize the table Spartanfrom Moycor; in mindi wood, measures 160 x 90 x 78 cm (€ 471).

A small still life

With pieces of your glassware it can be as decorative as a vase. Glass (€ 27.20) and bottle of wine (€ 118) model Spring, from Vista Alegre.


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