A mini Christmas tree DIY

A mini Christmas tree DIY

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The floral styling brand OhFleurs! It teaches us how to make this mini-tree step by step.

As a base you need dry floral sponge. It is sold in blocks, so you will have to cut it and mold it into a cone shape. You can also buy a cone of porexpan.

Step 2

On the other hand you need natural moss. Buy it well in advance and let it dry.

Step 3

Start by moistening the moss with the help of a sprayer and flattening it with your hands. If you use preserved moss you don't need to moisten it.

Step 4

Line the cone with the moss. Start from above, covering the tip and go down slowly. You don't need to use very large moss plates or line the entire cone with one piece. You can do it in parts.

Step 5

To secure the moss you need bun hairpins, this way it will be fixed and prevent it from being disassembled. You can also make your own forks with green gardening wire.

Step 6

Fix it with as many forks as necessary so that all the moss is well secured.

Step 7

Every tree must have its star, so next we are going to place it at the top end. It is necessary that the ornament has a skewer or wire that allows us to nail it in our tree.

Step 8

Finally, we will create a base for our tree. You can use a slice of wood or log.

Step 9

Fix it to the base with silicone and, if you feel like it, you can add some pineapple as decoration.


You can already look like a tree in your Christmas decoration. And for it to last a long time you just have to spray it with lacquer.


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