Kraft paper pot

Kraft paper pot

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- Gift wrapping paper or paper kraft in white.
- Glue.
- Scissors.
- Folding.
- Transfer paper or freezing paper (freezer paper) to print the reasons.

Advertising - Continue reading below Transfer paper sheet

To transfer images to the paper bag, you just have to print, backwards, the drawing or the message you want on the transfer paper sheet (mirror effect). Peel off the protective paper from the transfer and place the drawing on the bag. Rub it with a spoon until it is printed. Et voilà!

Paper cut

Cut a rectangle of paper. The size will depend on how big you want to make the bag. Fold the sides and bring them towards the center until they overlap one on the other.

Bag glued

Apply glue on one of the bent sides and fix the other side on it. Remove excess glue with a clean cloth.

Symmetric triangles

To make the base you will have to manipulate one of the open sides. Bend one end into a peak and take it to the center. Do the same with the other end until you have two symmetrical triangles. Press with your finger on the figures so that the folds are fixed.

Inward folds

Open the triangles and carefully insert the folds inwards. In this simple way the two figures will have become a rhombus. Fix the inner opening with glue until the diamond is perfectly closed.

Bent peaks

Fold the two peaks of the base until they are halfway through the rhombus. You will now have two new triangles. Overlap one peak with another and fix them with glue to give consistency to the base.

Ready bag

Fold through the center crease until one triangle is placed over the other. Now the triangles are not visible, since they have been inside the base. You will have two flaps left as in the picture. Insert your hand inside the bag and open the base. The bag is ready to receive the chosen impression: a message, a graphic, a number ...


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