Mary Katrantzou has the carpets you've always wanted

Mary Katrantzou has the carpets you've always wanted

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The Rug Company

The Rug Company has collaborated with fashion designer Mary Katrantzou to conceive a collection of seven unique and vibrant carpets that represent Katrantzou's work in the world of interior design.

Each of the carpets bears their stamp and are inspired by the bold and imaginative designs of their past collections, reinvented by the artisans of The Rug Company in order to capture the essence of the artist, as well as its most unique details, giving the designs a real and photographic quality.

Bluebell daydream it's an exuberant carpetand With a unique touch of magical realism. It has flowers amplified in a spectrum of blues and purples.

The Rug Company

Garden of Eden reflects the mood of the collection with dramatic contrasts, soft blue and white flowers represented in silk and wool.

The stratification of these highly detailed flowers at the top of the black and white background gives it a three-dimensional quality and refers to the art of "painting by numbers" that then inspired Katrantzou.

The Rug Company

Botanical Paradise, with a hyperreal floral scene, is an ode to femininity.

The blown flowers are combined with a palette of deep roses and a striking yellow that contrasts with the colorless white wool flowers of dramatic effect.
The Rug Company

These magnified and colorful flowers contrast with the monochrome flowers of the carpet Valley. The design transforms a traditional elegant motif into a contemporary graphic design that plays with size and scale, creating a surreal effect.

The white flowers are totally in line with Tibetan wool that contrasts with a black background, giving these delicate flowers a contemporary touch.
The Rug Company

With a vivid color and simple organic shapes, the carpet Framis represents bold shapes knotted in silk on a soft gray wool background, giving the colors an intensity similar to a jewel.

The Rug Company

The carpets Sunray nude Y Sunray pink they represent a dramatic motif of silk sun, with metallic rays that begin in the center of the carpet and stretching to its edges.

This design, inspired by the art of enamel, radiates a dazzling light transforming any space.
The Rug Company The Rug Company

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