Is it a pool or a terrace facing the sea?

Is it a pool or a terrace facing the sea?

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Until now, architecture has surprised us with creations as original as a swimming pool over a car, a military fort converted into a bed and breakfast, or an old bus transformed into a house. But what we bring you today is a combination of luxury and ingenuity that will not leave you indifferent ...


It is a house located on the Greek island of Tenos, built in the shape of a cave by the Athenian architecture studio Kois Associated Architects. Although the most impressive is at the top ...


The roof of the mansion is composed of a infinity pool It reflects the sky creating an amazing mirror effect, and under it, there is an intimate and cozy outdoor terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea.

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And you, can you imagine taking a dip in this pool in the heat of the Mediterranean?


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