Before and after: A custom designed mini-studio

Before and after: A custom designed mini-studio

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Before Marc and Jordi designed this space, few could imagine that in these 30 square meters, totally empty except for a kitchen front, it was possible to create A complete house. These two creative souls set out to adapt this mini-studio, located in an old rehabilitated building in the Ampurdán, so that a person (or a couple) could live in it without passing narrows, without cumbersome systems to mount the bed and with everything You need for your day to day. And if this were not enough, they had to do all this without doing any work.

The solution came in the form of custom furniture that allow changing the space depending on the use you want to give it. Upon entering, a bookshelf receives us and brings privacy and storage to the house. All the walls are covered by a piece of birch wood that is mutated and converted into a wardrobe, bench, dining room bar, folding bed, kitchen cabinets, shelves and drawers. The pieces of furniture added have a neutral and Nordic aesthetic, according to the functionality of the custom designed and are easy to transport to clear or reconfigure the environment to the taste of the inhabitants. There is no shortage of winks to the Ampurdán and the Mediterranean, such as the use of wood or traditional La Bisbal tiles. A perfect sign that, with imagination, ingenuity and style, size does not matter.

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This 30 square meter apartment hides pieces of furniture that allow you to change the configuration and use of the space in a matter of seconds.

A good team

Marc and Jordi set themselves the challenge of converting this mini-studio without performing works.

All custom

To get the most out of it, they designed birch furniture that runs along the walls.

Living room

In one of the corners the wood takes the form of a bench serving as a living room.

To carry out

Furniture pieces that were not custom designed are lightweight for easy transport.

Bed for two

The closet of the image keeps inside a folding mattress.

Natural beauty

Stresses birch wood with natural finish and green.

Dinning room

For informal meals a bar has been placed next to the kitchen. The table has wheels to take it to different areas of the house depending on the use you want to give it.

All hidden

The appliances, with the exception of the oven, have been paneled to integrate them perfectly into the set.

Mediterranean touch

The kitchen was covered with the traditional tiles of La Bisbal.


A shelf was designed that, in addition to serving as a storage space, gives privacy to the home and hides the side of the closet.


Vintage pieces, like this lamp by Miguel Milà, were also searched within the Nordic aesthetic.


The space only had a kitchen front.


The rest was totally empty.


Custom furniture has completely reconfigured the space.

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