The cineraria: care and tricks.

The cineraria: care and tricks.

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The cineraria comes from the Canary Islands and there are a lot of varieties, all full of color. Its name originates in the gray-green color of its leaves, which have an armored shape; They are thick, with jagged edges and are covered with a fluff that makes them very soft to the touch. It is an annual plant, compact and small. It has very beautiful flowers, similar to those of daisies, although with many more colors. The most common tones are mauve, blue, purple, red ... When buying a cineraria, what do we have to know? It is best to choose plants that have many buds about to open, just when the color begins to look.
How long is flowering? According to the care, it will be between one month and six weeks.
What can be done to make the flowers last longer? You will be able to make healthy and showy weather last as long as you keep them away from heat sources, such as heating; you spray the plant with water, but trying not to fall on the leaves; you avoid the sun directly and make a preventive treatment against aphids.
Should the pot plant be changed? It is not necessary, since being an annual plant, after flowering it withers completely and it is more advisable to throw it away and buy another one the following year. It is not worth trying to reproduce new copies.

Red, blue, mauve or purple, with a white circle in the center, are the most common tones in the flowers of this beautiful plant.

2 Technical sheet

Light. It needs intense light but not direct sunlight, so place it in semi shade avoiding direct sun exposure to last longer.
Temperature. It endures the cold very badly, less than 10º C already breaks down, but you also have to be careful with the heat, since above 15º C the flowers fall before. Therefore, it should be kept in a place where the temperature is quite stable.
Irrigation. The cineraria needs you to water it abundantly and continuously, being aware that the substrate is always kept moist, but without flooding it, since the plant would die.
Fertilizer. During the flowering period, a liquid fertilizer should be added to the irrigation water every two weeks.

3 How to clean it

For the plant to breathe well it is important that the leaves are well cleaned, so it is best to occasionally pass a brush or a brush over to remove the dust that remains accumulated between the hairs that cover them .

4 Most Common Problems

The leaves yellow. The cineraria does not support the currents; Keep the plant away from the cold air.
The leaves are withered. This is the first symptom of the lack of irrigation, so water it right away.
Aphids. This plant is one of his favorites. To avoid them, spray the environment with water, since if it is too dry its appearance is favored.


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