How to live a Christmas ... with less expenses!

How to live a Christmas ... with less expenses!

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Fill this Christmas with more sustainable solutions. You will see how rewarding it is!

Celebrate without excesses

Tips to cut extra expenses these days without unbalancing the budget
familiar and without losing the festive spirit and magic of these holidays. You sign up?

Calculate a budget.

It is very practical to divide each game - food, gifts, lottery - to control what you spend. Go pointing every purchase and so you will not exceed.

Decide the amount you can and want to spend and write everything you want allocate your money: gifts, dinners, trips ... Assign each budget and buy without leaving it. Avoid using the Credit cards to bypass financing and put a limit on the bank.

Sign up for "costume" dinners

Are those meals where each guest carries a plate: I brought the wine, I brought the dessert ... This way work and expenses are shared.

Another way to save on food is to buy with in advance, when prices are cheaper and freeze.

A DIY decoration.

Dare to create your own ornaments. Make wool pom poms, crochet garlands, recycle wooden boxes and discover the treasures that nature gives us: pineapples, branches, moss, etc. Uses led lights for the tree and bright figures that reflect the light and lower the price of the electric bill.

If you put into practice the "do it yourself" in the ornamentation of the house, and even in the gifts, you will have more sustainable parties and yours will thank you.

Optimize the use of the refrigerator and don't put hot food in

Watch out for the lights.

On Christmas dates they multiply, especially to decorate porches, windows, the tree ... So, renew all the old light bulbs you have for LED lamps. They are more expensive, but the consumption is lower and last a lot.

Deco with shine? Yes!

Glass ornaments, mirrors, with gold or silver sparkles ... These types of ornaments reflect the light and thus spend less on lighting.

Search for offers on the Internet.

Compare prices and view shopping sites on-line, which on these dates offer good gift proposals.

Gifts under control

Buy in advance. This will allow you to have more products to choose from and at better prices, since many shops raise the amount as the holidays approach. Compare quantities and look for offers online, but be careful with the shipping costs.

Pay cash, It will help you to be aware of the money you are spending and the value
of things. A card is spent 20% more because you do not control how much you pay and it is easier to be tempted to buy a last minute whim you did not count.

Play the invisible friend. If you are a big family, bet on this fun way
to give away It will be chance who decides who to entertain, so that all members have a gift and only buy a present, saving time and a lot of money. Take the opportunity to write your wish list with those things you really need. How useful!

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