This house was a convent, a farm, and ... never really existed

This house was a convent, a farm, and ... never really existed

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Once Upon a time… In a distant and convulsive era, the confiscation of Mendizabal took this old convent ahead. Some time later, the ruins gave way to a farm, but the fatal outcome was repeated, as the building was abandoned to its fate and collapsed again.

If we had not told you that history is invented, surely, you would have believed it. And who could blame you? Seeing the walls and interiors of this majestic Mallorcan estate, nobody would say that it is a construction as modern as the smartphones, fruit of the ingenious minds of Marcos Vadell and Carlos Martínez Julia.

Once with the "film" already devised, they sought the collaboration of the decorator Federica Ongaro, and began the "filming" ...

At the entrance, some stone slabs of Rodeno rescued from a landslide in Alicante, rest next to a mosaic carpet of Nolla that seems to take a lifetime in the house. The main painting is the work of Antonio Socias, but there are also paintings by Plessi, Miró, and Irueste, among others. Vicens Negre The paintings come from auctions, and others from the private collection of Marcos Vadell. Vicens Negre All the furniture is old, acquired in markets in France, Italy, Mallorca and Belgium. They are humble pieces, but also unique and special, which now enjoy a second chance. Vicens Negre They selected English colonial teak doors brought from India, which had been abandoned in a warehouse in Cuenca. Vicens Negre The house has all the technical characteristics of a current home: underfloor heating, built-in air conditioning inside the false ceilings, and double glazing. Vicens Negre This cozy room shares space with the office, separated visually by two large carpets. Vicens Negre Vicens Negre Vicens Negre Vicens Negre The chimney was found in the south of France, and the boaserie It comes from an antique dealer in Girona, originally from a nun's dining room in Bilbao. Vicens Negre Vicens Negre Vicens Negre Vicens Negre Lacanche cuisine gives it the shade of an unconventional habitat. Vicens Negre The central island is actually an old wooden table divided into two areas: one for work, and another with a sink. Vicens Negre Vicens Negre The laundry room is attached to the kitchen. Vicens Negre The anteroom of the bathroom and the bedroom is decorated with two antique wooden dressers. Vicens Negre The bedroom has two double beds joined by a large headboard upholstered in fabric. Vicens Negre There is also a large dressing room that connects directly to the bathroom. Vicens Negre The bathroom plays with a modern aesthetic with winks to the past, such as the mirror detail on the sink. Vicens Negre On the terrace, a cozy outdoor dining room consisting of an elongated old wooden table and four wicker chairs. Vicens Negre There is also an area chill out with four comfortable wicker chairs, and a glass coffee table. Vicens Negre The masonry of the facades was built to post with damage, to fit the decadent tone they sought to give the interiors. Vicens Negre

And now, surprise yourself with the photos from before ...

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