How to make a hanging garden of Kokedama

How to make a hanging garden of Kokedama

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Advertising - Keep reading below What is Kokedama?

Kokedama means "ball of moss" in Japanese, they are a type of bonsai that are not only beautiful, they are also an easy craft to do in a single afternoon. Robynne Heymans and Mike Madden, owners of Embark Garden, a garden design company in New York, share their advice on how to make these hanging planters in five easy steps.

Materials to make a kokedama

- Land for Bonsai
- peat moss
- Water
- Small plant
- Moss irons
- Rope

Heymans recommends the use of organic products whenever possible to avoid chemical additives. You can find peat moss and Bonsai soil in most nurseries, fertilizer stores, or hardware stores.

Prepare the earth

Mix half of bonsai soil and half of peat moss and add water until it is wet.

The shape

Form a ball around the roots of the plants with the soil mixture.

Wrap with moss

Wrap the ground ball with moss irons.

Tie it all up

Wrap the earth ball and moss with rope.

Hang up

Add another pendant to hang.

Daily care of your garden

- Spray the plant and the earth and moss ball with spray daily or place it on a tray of pebbles and water to absorb moisture.

- Water with water directly once every three to five days depending on the amount of light and humidity in your home. When the ball dries or becomes a little lighter it is time to water again. Do not wait until the leaves fall off.

- Put the ball under the tap or in a shallow bowl with water until the ball is soaked well. Let it drain in the sink before hanging it again.

- Hang the Kokedama directly in a north-facing window or about 60/90 cm away from a window facing south, west, or. They need bright, but indirect light.

- Keep away from the radiator in winter.

- You must cut the dead leaves.

- Wait to replant once or twice a year according to plant growth.

Via: House Beautiful US


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