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Decorate in blue

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- The stenciled motives They are an excellent resource to put a decorative note on the wall without making large investments. To achieve an optimal result, you should use a specific paint (thicker) and apply it in small quantities, with a round brush, and giving soft touches on the template; This will prevent stains and drips.

- Wallpapers with XL prints require more expertise; The motifs of each cloth should match those of the next, which makes work considerably more difficult.

- A simple and affordable option is to bet on a mid-height plinth of a rigid material, paper or simply paint with two different shades.

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Join the DIY stream and renew that dark wood furniture that no longer fits into your new decoration.

A hand of Chalk Paint (www.chalkpaint.es) and a suggestive aged finish will be enough to get it. In Maisons du Monde they have a similar console; is named Vintage Vozhega (215 €).

Visiting card

A decorated hall in the blue range reveals a calm and balanced home from the door.

Few items are necessary due to its size, although just for this reason it is advisable to abuse the color in the accessories to convey sensations.

Coat rack, similar in Leroy Merlin (€ 6.75).

Reading corner

The solid wood's strength is counteracted
with some cushions and fluffy pillows. It will be great to rescue a wooden armchair and complete it with some mattresses and cushions.

In Maisons du Monde you can find a pouf very similar to this (€ 29.90) and a trunk lamp of the same style (€ 249.90).

It is time to bring out your collection of decorated dishes and display them on the wall with a lot of art.

Try that all the chosen ones are of the same tones, in this case blue, and create with them a rustic air corner with wooden furniture like those of our grandmothers.

Those little things

Recycling, saving and decorating with style is simpler than you think. This fantastic idea proves it: they are simple glass bottles; yes, chosen with great care according to their silhouette and size.

Some come standard with the tinted glass, the others were painted inside blue in different shades and allowed to dry. Grouped and crowned with a flower, they are an exquisite and unique detail.


They say that the blue color lowers blood pressure and favors rest by calling for sleep. It is therefore one of the favorites in the bedroom where, combined with white, it also enhances clarity and enhances natural light.

To sift the one that enters through the window, nothing like a white printed curtain. In Ikea they have models in this line for € 24.99 per couple.

Decorative eclecticism gives a personal character to the environments, thus achieving more current and urban styles, even using blue, white and tan; colors generally intended for the search of both the marine style and a hippy chic look, typical of summer residences.

On whim

Fresh and calm, the coexistence of blue and white relaxes the mind emulating the colors of the ocean. They form a fantastic team to dress and decorate the complete bathroom.

Walls, tiles, towels and accessories play with these two tones and with the vegetable fibers in this corner as practical as decorative.

The towels in various shades of blue are textured (from € 5). Baskets of this style can be found in Ikea for € 15.99.

Depending on the peculiarity of blue, the effects will vary; Intense and deep tones, like those chosen in this space, make us feel calm, they act as a sedative on the unconscious allowing us to connect with our most intuitive part. But be careful, an excess of dark blue can cause sadness.

In perfect order

The boxes are great allies when it comes to organizing household linen, since they keep it well ironed and tidy. The wooden ones, with a well sanded interior, are great for this purpose.

In addition, they can be decorated with slate paint in a beautiful tone and write on the front what they contain. Cloths and napkins, similar in Zara Home and Linum.


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