Discover how to dress and decorate your table for Christmas meals

Discover how to dress and decorate your table for Christmas meals

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Cheer up and take out that wonderful tableware that you have reserved for special occasions. First, you must put the base plate and on it the remaining dishes that you are going to serve. If you have room, place a plate of bread to the left of the main. If you don't have enough for everyone, dare to combine them with others as long as the colors match. To the right of the plate place knife and spoon, on the left, forks, and on top, those for dessert.

Christmas table of Maisons du Monde. Miriam Yeleq /
Take action: Leave a distance of 60-70 cm between diners so that everyone is comfortable.

Glassware. At tables with little space, a glass of wine and a glass of water will suffice. And if it is quite large, place a glass of water in front of the plate and, on your right, one of red and one of white. The champagne one, in front of the water one.


For these celebrations, you saw your table with a tablecloth all the way down, but without the risk of being stepped on. By its fall, those of linen or linen and cotton will be good. The assembly can be done with a single piece, as in this table of Ikea, with tablecloth of the collection Vinterfest, or, combining a long and smooth one with a cover of another color and print. If your table is especially beautiful, shine it using only table runners or placemats.

Everything from Ikea. Miriam Yeleq /
Add warmth and style: With natural elements, such as nuts, pomegranates or flowers in bouquet; this one, by Colvin.

Illumination. Place the table under a direct and warm light lamp. For the desktop, opt for indirect lights that bounce the light on ceiling or walls. And if you want to give it a plus of warmth, put candles or to avoid accidents, led lights like these mini trees.


If there is a typical Christmas color, that is red. Combine your tablecloths
and ornaments colored with a tableware in white, as happens in this table with pieces of the collection Vinterfest from Ikea. For this decoration, bet on flower centers in reddish tones such as poinsettia or berries, such as this Colvin bouquet. The dorado is perfect to give an elegant touch to your tables. In order not to overload it, use it in dishwashers, cutlery or crockery details.

Ikea environment. Miriam Yeleq /
Create harmony: Decorate the table with the same tones as the tree and other accessories.

Search your style. The table has to be beautiful, practical and reflect your personality. If you want a romantic table, place a white tablecloth and tableware and deco in pink and silver. If you prefer a rustic cut, show off your wooden table and place pieces of natural colors and DIY details on it.


It is the small details that will give the special touch to your table. Try to place elements that do not interrupt the activity of the food or the vision of the guests. Use candles and low flowers without strong aromas, so as not to affect the tasting of the dishes. Organize your guests with marcasites so that when they reach their seat, they feel surprised. Add your personal brushstroke with beautiful napkin rings.

This table is from Habitat. Miriam Yeleq /
Tables for children: Prepare one that is functional, with melamine or plastic dishes and that is very fun!

Natural elements. Take advantage of the elements that nature gives us to decorate your table economically. Use small pineapples, leaves or red fruits, to make a centerpiece, logs such as marcasites and twigs to present the guests' napkins.

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