The house of your dreams

The house of your dreams

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Finally, it was time to make the leap for this family - until now housed in the center of Barcelona - and start living on the outskirts, a few kilometers from the city, but much more near the beach and pure air. A great place for your children, almost teenagers. Although really the most powerful reason for such change was the acquisition of this house, very close to that of your dreams, equipped with large terraces, private garden and generously sized interiors.

The House, a newly built townhouse with three floors, It had a very good distribution but, for the taste of its owners, with traditional excess finishes. The new owners sought to wash his face and personalize it without having to do great works. Judith Farrán and Gustavo Carrasco, from the Home Deco studio, did so with subtle ideas and much more avant-garde proposals, which resulted in spaces with their seal, some sophistication and much warmth.

Perhaps the only guideline to follow was the absolute commitment to white; Bleached wood floors, ceilings and walls painted in that color as well as virtually all furniture and upholstery in the house. The conception of space emulates a brand new canvas, bright and clean, on which to capture small doses of color, always in the palette of roses and lilacs, which also act as a conductive thread.

In the bedrooms, located on the second and third floor, the occasional license with colors was allowed. Even with the white base, the bedding, the carpets and some accessories more intense tones provide dynamism very balanced; especially in the rooms of the little ones.

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The sliding door window allows to extend the seating area to the outside, very pleasant on warmer days. The visual connection of environments becomes a fundamental part of the decoration.

White leather corner sofa, by La Garriga Verda. Cushions, Texture, Coco-Mat and Lu Ink.

Smooth and printed

On the white background, the many cushions, blankets and plaids that heat the seating area stand out. The colors chosen range from pink to lilac through eggplant; a range of color very successful for its warmth and elegance.

Pillows and blankets, of Texture, Lu Ink and Coco-Mat. Carpet, by La Garriga Verda.

Pure balance

The room is completed with some details in gray and black tones that provide the necessary depth and contrast. First you can see two magnificent canvases in series and a lamp with the black steel lampshade.

Paintings, by the Argentine painter Carolina Raineri, for Home Deco. The lamp and tables were also designed by Home Deco.

Lounge and dining room

A notable change in the adaptation of the house was to eliminate certain doors of passage leaving an open space -like in the living room- and the replacement of some leaflets by sliding. On the ground floor, where the common areas are located, it is where this proposal is most accentuated as a means of unifying environments.

Round rugs, by Francisco Cumellas.

Dining room together

Leather, lacquer and steel coexist in harmony, giving way to an impeccably designed dining room. The choice of an extensible table facilitates the step towards the kitchen on a daily basis.

Lacquer table and steel and white leather chairs, all, from La Garriga Verda. Lamp, by Santa & Cole. Picture, by Carolina Raineri for Home Deco.

Radical change in the kitchen

The kitchen was completely transformed with a U-shaped design that makes the space beautifully profitable; It is made up of white finished furniture and state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances.

Logos brand kitchen made by Cuina Casanova. Countertop, by Corian. Appliances, Bosch. Stools, by Maisons du Monde.

A blackboard in the kitchen

When designing the kitchen, an extension of the countertop was added as a breakfast bar. The wall that coincides with the dining room was coated with slate paint and words written in different typefaces as a decoration.

Stools, by Maisons du Monde. The individuals come from Home Deco.

A bar in the kitchen Functional children's bedroom

The children's bedrooms have a lighter and permissive decoration, with space to rest, study and enjoy leisure time.

Bed furniture and a bookcase made by Fanchulino for Home Deco. Bedding, Texture. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas.

Purple touches in the master bedroom

The correct choice of textiles and accessories were key in the master bedroom. The chosen range plays a fundamental role providing a feeling of warmth and a final look of great elegance.

Bed acquired in the English Court. Bedding, blanket and cushions, for sale in Texture.

Integrated bathroom

The second floor was conceived as a suite, with a spacious integrated bathroom, covered and decorated in neutral tones. The selected materials stand out, as varied as modern: polished cement, lacquer or white edges inserted in mesh. The bathroom was designed by Diego Guerrero and Judith Farrán.

Suite bedroom

On the other side of the rest area a second dressing room was created with direct access to the terrace of this floor; A perfect dream fulfilled thanks to the generous dimensions of the room.

Distribution plan and ideas

- The plant was kept almost completely transparent in order to communicate the two light inputs at the ends. The floor, white, and the walls, the same color, allow light to flow and spread.
- In the bedroom, an unclosed wall divides the environment and gives privacy to the dressing room. Instead of integrating this new element, it was sought to break with the clarity of the target and paint it in a
dark gray to create a sense of depth.
- A second dressing room with direct exit was created on the other side of the rest area
to the terrace of this plant; A perfect dream fulfilled thanks to the generous dimensions of the room.
- The bathroom, inside the bedroom, is also very special. It is coated with microcement in two shades, as is the countertop of the washbasins; the piece of furniture, custom-made, was lacquered playing with the same tones.