A current urban housing full of practical ideas

A current urban housing full of practical ideas

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The PIPA Interior Design studio, formed by Paula Balboa and Beatriz Pinto, in collaboration with Luisjaguilar Arquitectura, was in charge of the renovation of this Madrid home, located in a building of the 40s.

OF CASSETTE. In the design of the room, the Pipa Interior Design team included a bioethanol insert fireplace, an ecological and natural fuel that does not require any type of smoke outlet. A white mouth with straight lines was added. Miriam Yeleq

The original distribution responded to the classic of the old floors of the Salamanca district: a kitchen, a bathroom, two living rooms and a distributor that led to a bedroom. Hence, the starting point was to reorganize its 100 m2.

INTO THE CHIMNEY. In the living room, two classic line sofas with upholstery were placed, by Nacho de la Vega: one in white and one in dark blue velvet. In the center, a wrought iron and marble table, from Becara. The side tables are from La Oca. Carpet by Benuta. Miriam Yeleq

With the demolition of some partitions, the floor changed completely. It was decided to eliminate one of the rooms to win a second bedroom and a part of the distributor was renounced in favor of another bathroom. Thus, after the works, the house now has a living room, two bedrooms, the kitchen and two bathrooms, in addition to a terrace of 40 m2, where a corner of living was created.

On the terrace a cozy corner was created with a folding sunbed surrounded by several floors of different heights. Miriam Yeleq

The reform project, in addition to optimizing the available meters, managed to provide the house with greater brightness. And, when they chopped one of the walls of the master bedroom, they found a big surprise: there were two boarded windows that logically opened. Once the new distribution was defined, the works focused on renovating both the carpentry and the coatings.

The gotelé was removed from the walls and painted in a very soft gray throughout the house, except in the dining room where it was played with a darker tone to delimit it from the living area, with which it shares space. The original parquet floor was preserved,
that only sanded and varnished, in hall and bedrooms; in the living room, it was replaced by a clearer stage, which was combined with a high white lacquered skirting board, just like the doors.

MIX OF STYLES. The dining room wall was painted a different color from the others: a dark gray tone that, in addition to visually defining this environment, helps to enhance the decoration. The modern ceiling lamp contrasts with the classicism of the inherited furniture, although these were updated with a white patina. Miriam Yeleq

The interior design was also carried out by PIPA Interior Design, which aimed to integrate the inherited classic-style furniture that the owner had in contemporary-style decorations. How? In addition to combining them with pieces designed by the study of Paula Balboa and Beatriz Pinto, such as the headboard and bedside tables of the master bedroom or the mouthpiece of the fireplace, a base in white and neutral tones was chosen, to which were added brushstrokes of contrast in intense tones.

CURRENT AND BRIGHT. The kitchen, designed by Pipa Interior Design, was completely renovated and equipped. The gloss white laminate cabinets were combined with a pink Silestone countertop, which provides the chromatic counterpoint. The furniture is from Bossia. Miriam Yeleq

Thanks to the harmonious mix of different materials, shades and textures, serene and elegant environments were achieved.

With 100 m2 and L-shaped floor, the brightest area of ​​the house was reserved to locate the living room, with access to a wonderful terrace that runs along the facade. The kitchen and bathrooms were located at the entrance, where a long hallway leading to the two bedrooms begins. Infographic SYMMETRIC EFFECT The decoration on each side of the bed was set identically, with a white wooden bedside table, PIPA Interior Design design, a turquoise blue ceramic floor lamp, Better & Best, and a round mirror, by Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq


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