Ten ideas to place plants at home

Ten ideas to place plants at home

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We have lost a little while on Pinterest and have selected the 10 ideas that we liked the most to set up green corners at home. Compositions with indoor plants to decorate a wall or a table.

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Advertising - Keep reading under Cactus in mini pots Pinterest

Cactus in mini pots.

Hanging on the wall

A cool idea to decorate a wall.

Several decorated containers

Pots of different motifs, grouped in a tray and at various heights.

On a stool or side table

In clay pots of different dimensions on a wooden stool or side table.

Fiber baskets In mini wooden shelves Household as a pot

Cups, mugs, cups ... New very culinary pots!

DIY containers

With plastic bottles cut and hung in front of the window.

Size mix In vertical

A vertical garden with pots.


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