This house is an oasis of light

This house is an oasis of light

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The whitewashed walls of this house are your best business card and invite us to delve into the authenticity of each of the spaces of this summer shelter. What used to be a dilapidated farmhouse has become the perfect oasis Where to realize the dream of their owners. The architects Nacho Alonso and Bill Wright they took care of their rehabilitation and adapted the main house for the couple's use and annexed units, as independent spaces for your children and guests. The old stables and barns are now bedrooms that open to a large central courtyard, conceived as an outdoor chill out To enjoy in common.

Both inside and outside the decoration is a nod to exoticism and ethnicity, with pieces acquired on the trips of the owners through fascinating countries such as Sumatra, Bali or Morocco. Furniture, lighting and decorative objects were chosen to fully enjoy relaxing moments. The stained cement, exposed beams, stripped wood, boulders and whitewashed walls They are natural materials that enhance the feeling of freshness and respond to the intention of the owners to maintain the spirit of the rural architecture of the island, although interpreted under a current perspective. The chic touch is put by the glass lamps, of the French Provence, reserved for private areas; like the ones that hung on the sides of the bed in the master bedroom or in the bathroom.

Each door and window is oriented to the outside and opens the rooms to nature. Despite the intention of maintaining the essence of traditional houses, there is no shortage of the amenities that allow you to fully enjoy the home. Proof of this are appliances, designer faucets or bathroom towel rail radiator. The result is harmonious and balanced with the environment thanks to charming spaces where tranquility reigns.

Advertising - Keep reading below Multicultural decoration

This area of ​​the outer courtyard reflects the passion of its owners for the different cultures that they have discovered in their travels around the world. In this space they have mixed furniture and objects acquired in their rooms in Bali, Sumatra and Morocco, where the carpet comes from.

Fusion of styles

The mixture of ethnic pieces with wood and with the rich patterns of cushions and the carpets that cover the floor transports us to an exotic Arab jaima. The glasses, lanterns, side tables and textiles break the predominant color uniformity. Tray-shaped side table with supports, similar in Moss.

Outdoor lounge

What was originally the courtyard to which the stables of the horses were opened has been transformed into an exterior hall, with a chill out aesthetic, sheltered from the sun by several pieces of mesh fabric, used by the military in the Sahara desert to camouflage during his missions.

The candlelight

Imagine the summer breeze, the smell of the sea and the candlelight on an August night. On an oriental bed, converted into a coffee table, there is no lack of glass lanterns for this type of meeting. Lanterns, from Catalina House store.

Minimal style

One of the spaces that used to store feed and tools is now a seating area; Thanks to a fixed window, the landscape merges with this corner, perfect for relaxing. The decoration stands out for the austerity of the pieces and the use of very natural materials, such as the wood of the old teak bank - acquired on a trip to Sumatra -, the sculpture of branches, the work of Ricardo Paz, or the pebbles of the floor.

Work kitchen

Following the line of the traditional architecture of the island, the furniture of this room is of work, but they are made of polished cement, an alternative material to the classic brick. The original wooden beams of the building, which have been restored, are preserved on the roof. This element, present in other rooms of the house, marks the decoration and brings warmth.

Wooden beams

Keep original elements of the house; In this case, the untreated wooden beams of the ceiling, attic in several spaces, become a decorative reference.

With color details

The brightly colored notes break with the chill of the predominant white and contrast with the stripped woods, used in carpentry and furniture.

Main bedroom

The main bedroom of the house maintains the style of the rest of the house, work furniture and light in abundance. Recycling and respect for the environment are keys to the eco-living trend, present in each space of this house.

Details in the bedroom

On the whitewashed shelf stands out the presence of old pieces and travel memories. One of the lower shelves extends to the bed and makes, at the same time, a bedside table and a couch. The Provencal chandelier has been hung at a low height, which provides more intimate and localized lighting. In addition, in this room, the wooden ceiling beams have also been painted white.

Walk-in closet

A peculiar closet separates the bedroom from the bathroom; It is made with partitions and shelves open and sheltered from dust with light curtains. The upper area is a run shelf that was equipped with wicker baskets.


From the main room you can access a bathroom that maintains the same decorative line as the rest of the house. The washbasins and the countertop are made with dyed cement, which also unifies the walls and floor. The high spout taps and the spotlights of current style contrast with the frames of the mirrors, in natural wood.


Keys to Recreate the Rustic Chic: The commitment to the constructive tradition of the area. The furniture of work is a classic in the Balearic houses that has been maintained, although finished in polished cement.