A house in Tuscany adapted to modern times

A house in Tuscany adapted to modern times

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When one thinks of Tuscany, one cannot avoid feeling the nostalgia of the people of yesteryear. Those places that gave meaning to our childhood, where the doors remained open without the slightest hint of fear. Luckily, Tuscany continues to keep that charm alive today. Just look at the photos of the travelers, marveling at the endless stone facades, happily decorated with flowers ...

And in that idyllic environment, specifically, in the town of Prato, is this old house of 110 square meters, renovated at the hands of Pierluigi Percoco and Alessia Bettazzi, from the B + P Architecture Studio, to adapt to the needs of modern life.
In the kitchen, the light tones coexist with the ceramic wall cladding, while the central island becomes the core around which domestic life develops.

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On the other hand, contemporary design pieces contrast with traditional furniture, and the color palette gives lightness to the austerity of the stone. Something that is also achieved thanks to the wooden floors, rinsed and polished with respect to its original state.

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To allow optimal light input, superfluous elements that constituted a barrier were removed, but also played with optical tricks, like the mirror that greatly expands the space thanks to the reflection.

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In the attic, the original wall was replaced by glass which allows to perceive the depth of the space and the development of the roof with exposed wooden beams.

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The master bedroom is decorated with a wallpaper which, together with lights, works of art and furniture, create a relaxed and soft atmosphere.

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Bathroom, like the rest of the house, play with the contrast between tradition and modernity, through the ceramic floor with resin effect and the more traditional ceramic walls.

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