Plant addiction comes to your home

Plant addiction comes to your home

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Plants will always be fashionable, and is that They are the easiest, most beautiful and cheap way to decorate your home and give it personality. Because as you feel predilection for a particular breed of dogs, the same goes for plants ...

You just have to take a look, and choose the one that makes your heart pump faster! And to help you in the selection process, we have prepared 15 interior photos ... Very green!

Advertising - Keep reading below With character

Elegance and a lot of character for a room where plants are the protagonists.

Pinterest: Decoredo


If yours with cacti is real love, buy an extra large pot, and make it the king of the living room!

Pinterest: Yulia Bida

Rustic essence

Do you want to add grace to your small home garden? Place a small plant that hangs subtly from the shelf, and you'll see what a change!

Pinterest: Helena Alegre

Think green

Note that you have a passion for botany!

Pinterest: Paola Gajardo

Eat between plants

If you are lucky enough to have such a large and bright dining room, wooden furniture and several seedlings will give you a rustic and cozy atmosphere.

Pinterest: Claudia Lucia

Big time

As big as pretty! The perfect plant to give life to a room in white tones.

Pinterest: Anna Ricart

A bathroom integrated in nature

Why don't you create your own garden in the bathroom? It's very easy, choose plants of different heights, and voila!

Pinterest: Lillian Liu


A bohemian corner full of plants will give you the peace and tranquility you need when you are at home.

Pinterest: Briana Mullins


If you are in the black and white Nordic style, some plants will give you the little point of joy you need.

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Rock Corner

Let Jimi Hendrix enjoy nature with a plant like this!

Pinterest: Kirsty G

A closet with a lot of life

If you thought that this pink closet couldn't be more adorable, look at it full of seedlings!

Pinterest: Bonitisms

A natural workshop

Do you work at home? If you decorate your workshop with plants, the tasks will be much more bearable, promised!

Pinterest: Ruben Den Harder


You can also have your own homemade oasis! As simple as becoming a fan of boho chic

Pinterest: Marga Del Valle

With style

The bathroom already had personality on its own, but with the plant it seems to be taken from a postcard ...

Pinterest: Premiere House

Bedrooms with plants

If after seeing these photos you feel that you cannot live without plants at home ... Look at these 20 bedrooms ...


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