A loft with special charm

A loft with special charm

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Just 5 minutes from Barcelona is this house so different and special. Is about an old house with a high gable roof that has been renovated and refurbished, with the help of an architect, for the needs of their owners: a young couple with two children. The ceiling height with its tile roof and wooden beams and the exposed brick walls were preserved, but its distribution changed. First, a second floor was projected to locate the master bedroom and free the entire lower one, where living room, kitchen, bathroom and children's bedroom were located. An open space, shared by living area and kitchen with dining room, without partitions that separate them, turn the house into a genuine loft. But also, the industrial air of these old ships and factories that were becoming homes in the New York of the fifties, you can also breathe everywhere in this Barcelona house. Where? on the huge brick walls seen painted in white, the new platform of wide and extra-long slats of aged appearance, the furniture and the steel kitchen countertop, also in the microcement flooring of this one, and of course, in the floor slab made to win the top floor.

In the master bedroom the decoration created a nostalgic and evocative atmosphere. Some recovered old pieces and others with vintage air exude elegance and good taste in an environment where calm reigns. Its clarity and color balance make aging textures stand out even more. This space, which is so intimate, curiously, lacks partitions; only a railing and a wall separate it from the living room, and a half partition and two closets, from the children's room. In the bedroom shared by two brothers, a room with high ceilings and exposed brick walls, the decoration could not be conventional. Successfully, the owners decided to use the color of the walls to create more visual interest. Thus, they changed the bright white of one of them for a chocolate tone and with this chromatic twist, they highlighted a beautiful bed with bars in a delicious eggplant tone. Among the decorative accessories, there are hanging stars, a fun giraffe and boxes recycled by the owner, used as shelves.

Advertising - Keep reading below Luminous space

Huge windows provide abundant natural light to the living room and melt interior and exterior. The curtains with long falls clarify so much clarity and, next to the chandelier, they print a theatrical air to the decoration. In contrast, modern designs such as the lamp with majestic arch, the rocking chair and the bookcase. Spider, from Cottage Little House. Floor lamp, from D'Barcelona. Curtains, Bandalux. Bookcase, with Pladur plates. Vitra chair. Carpet, by F. Cumellas.

Pink room

Its decoration surprises with the prominence of pink in an environment where the ceiling, beams and white brick on the walls created a stage rich in textures and nuances. Sofa, by Perobell. Tables, from Ikea. Cushions, de Sia's hair; Whites, from Filocolore; and rose, from Coriumcasa.


The height of the house allowed a second floor, which became the main bedroom. In the lower one, a multifunctional space with two environments was created: living area and kitchen with dining room, which allows owners to share more time with their two children. On the right, the stairs leading to the basement, transformed into a study and office; and in the background, the children's bedroom. Blanket, from Zara Home. Pouf, Woodnotes signature; Francisco Cumellas distributes.

Shared spaces

A steel furniture front with column appliances and the dining room table form an L that marks the separation between the kitchen and the living area. Under the table you can see the flooring that was used in each environment: microcement in the kitchen, continuous and easy to maintain, and floor in living room and passage areas, warmer. Kitchen and table, from the firm Doimo Cucine. Flower arrangements, from Sia.

No partitions

True to the loft spirit, the kitchen is an open space to the living room, although the distribution of its furniture and the presence of a pillar helped to define its own space on the large lower floor of the house. In the upper one, a wall gets more privacy in the master bedroom and reduces the intensity of natural light. Chairs of the Tolix firm, in galvanized steel, acquired at Coriumcasa. Pando extractor hood.


Microcement, steel, wood and brick are masterfully combined to recreate the industrial style that characterizes a loft. The textures of the floor and the walls subtract coldness to the steel structure that supports the upper floor. Smeg's refrigerator is a nod to the aesthetics of the 50s, which introduces a feminine pastel pink in a more sober, gray and white color base.

Garden with pool

A treated wooden parquet surrounds the pool and converts this outdoor environment into one more of the house.


The garden of the house became a chill out space, relaxing and current, to enjoy the good weather or to bathe in the pool.

Romantic atmosphere

With work benches and mats, comfortable environments were created to sit, eat or sunbathe. A wooden pergola with curtains gets more privacy in this particular oasis and provides a pleasant shade.


Curtains, Bandalux. White, small, Filocolore cushions. Multicolored basket, from Zara Home.

Child's bedroom

A bed with bars in eggplant color, animated by a printed quilt, is the protagonist of this corner. In addition, changing the white color to chocolate on one of the walls focused even more attention on it. The shelves placed on the wall are boxes recycled by the owner. Bed, purchased on the Internet. Curtains, from Filocolore. Zara Home quilt and desk.

Headboard with shelf

In the bedroom, a second bed of more current design, incorporates a headboard that serves as a bedside table and shelf for the child's treasures. Bed made by a carpenter, designed by the owner. Quilt, from Filocolore. Cushions, from Zara Home.

Main bedroom

It stands out for its personal decoration of vintage rustic inspiration and a shabby chic style, which aims to recreate more lively and natural environments recovering pieces with past, textures and natural fabrics. The dressmaker's dummy, the old trunk, restored by the owners, the carved and pickled mirror and the crochet cushions are very charming pieces. Duvet cover, cushions and long-haired rug, from Zara Home.

Work wall

In addition to providing privacy to the bedroom, it is a headboard and a practical solution for installing the necessary plugs and switches next to the bed; They were chosen in retro style, in line with the decoration. Tables and lamp, Cottage Little House. Similar plugs, from Fontini.

Personal atmosphere

The owners preferred to place two exempt cabinets, rather than one built-in, so as not to depart from the neo-rustic and very natural style they wanted for their room. Wardrobes, by Ikea, painted by the owners. Basket and carpet, from Zara Home.


Bathroom with walls and microcement countertop; mirror and wall lamp, from Cottage Little House. Retro air wall tap, from Grohe.

Housing plan and ideas

- The introduction of period pieces together with designer furniture creates charming environments. The key is to dose them to enhance their prominence.
- The predominance of furniture and light coverings is like a large blank canvas that admits brushstrokes in bright and bold tones, such as strawberry accessories.


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