A foliage-style table runner made with leaves and flowers

A foliage-style table runner made with leaves and flowers

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We propose today a floral arrangement for your table (or wall) as simple as spectacular: a table run made with foliage in green and lively tones with small red touches. Mireia Aldomà, Colvin's floral stylist, explains it step by step. This garland is suitable for any surface: a console, the mouth of a chimney, can be hung from the ceiling ...

These are the plant species, from Colvin, that we are going to need:

- Eucalyptus Cinerea

- Eucalyptus baby blue

- Eucalyptus speeded bordeaux

- Skimmia

- Magnolio

To start working, we will need gloves, since eucalyptus is a plant that leaves fingers with resin. You also need a roll of rope, a roll of wire, normal scissors and florist scissors.

The first thing is to make a loop at the end of the rope. This will be prepared if we want to hang the arrangement as a garland.

To work, the stems of each leaf of foliage you have to be clean: leave a handful of leaves in each bouquet to better handle the stems. It picks up a branch of each type of eucalyptus, makes a bouquet and goes wiring to the rope. In the first corsage - and the last one - they must have the effect of falling on their leaves. It is important to intersperse different tones and different textures to give a more dynamic effect to our path.

When we have reached the necessary length, we finish by placing the last bouquet in the opposite direction to the one we were carrying, taking care to choose branches with fallen effect. Once adjusted with the wire we have to cover the gap that remains in this final section and not notice anything that we have changed direction.

Once the tail is done and the green structure is finished, we add touches of red with skimmia flowers. We are placing them in the parts that we have spun with the wire. We do the same with magnolia. To finish, we cut the guide rope and make a loop at its end, just like we did at the beginning.


As a final finish, large and simple candles to give the Christmas touch to this floral arrangement so effective.

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